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Other Vehicles - Trailers

Collection: WANGARA, WA, 6065
Date Flexible
Delivery: WOY WOY, NSW, 2256
Date Flexible
Estimated Distance: 4013 Km
Estimated Time: 42 Hrs

Customer: bedfo395076
Date Listed: 09/10/2018 20:53
Quotes: 0
Loading Location: Commercial without loading facilities
Listing ID: 384901
Expires: 23/10/2018 21:00
Lowest Quote: -
Unloading Location: Commercial with unloading facilities

Customer Is: Both Sender and Receiver
Item Details
What needs moving?: Sullair 425 compressor
How Should this be Transported?: Trucked
Width: 196 cm
Length/Depth: 396 cm
Height: 188 cm
Weight per Unit: 1837 kg
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altoro1 wrote on 10/10 at 04:52 PM
If this is on a trailer its more affordable to have it towed. please let me knowif this is an option. regards, Alex
bedfo395076 wrote on 10/10 at 05:36 PM
Its a compressor with wheels and removable draw bar but id rather not risk having it towed that far
altoro1 wrote on 11/10 at 05:40 PM
it may be better servicing the bearings, changing the tyres and having it towed. That may still be a cheaper alternarive. Regards, Alex
altoro1 wrote on 14/10 at 09:25 PM
how old is the compresor? if less than ten years old, having it towed will be your best option.
altoro1 wrote on 19/10 at 10:28 PM
do you still need this delivery?
bedfo395076 wrote on 22/10 at 08:36 PM
yes, on the 1st Nov but I dont want it towed thanks
bedfo395076 wrote on 22/10 at 08:38 PM
the drawbar is removable. Unit is 2510mm with removed.