Your Ultimate Guide to Transporting Auction Purchases

Are you an avid enthusiast of uncovering unique items through auction houses like Grays, Pickles, or Lloyds? Whether you're a seasoned auction-goer or a first-timer, this comprehensive guide will assist you in successfully getting your prized items delivered straight to your door! 🚚 Step 1: Understand the Auction House Pick-up Policies The initial step in transporting your auction item involves understanding the policies of the specific auction house. These include specific requirements that a transport provider must adhere to. For example, you will need to enquire about opening hours, whether there is truck access, what loading facilities are available (only […]

Transporting a Boat in Australia

Boat transport, especially interstate, can be a daunting challenge if you have never done it before. This is why many boat owners choose to use specialised boat transport companies to get their boats moved safely and efficiently. However, even with outsourcing the transport, the process may not be as simple as one might like. This is why we have created this step-by-step guide to getting your boat transported.    Step 1. Gather all information Before you find a company to transport your boat you will need to ensure you have all the required details about your specific boat so you […]

How to get your caravan transported

Australia is home to a wide range of beautiful landscapes and vast open spaces, making travelling via caravan a very popular way to explore the nation. While sightseeing via a caravan is often considered a very relaxed way to travel, getting your caravan moved inter or intrastate, may not be as easy. It can take a long time calling a whole bunch of different transport companies trying to get a quote, leaving you feeling exhausted and stressed. This is where we come in! Truckit.net offers a platform where you can get connected with over 6000 transport providers all in one […]

How to Transport a Motorcycle Within Australia

Much like interstate car transport, there are many different transport options available to move a motorcycle. So it can be easy to get overwhelmed with finding the best choice for your bike. We have put together the following article to help you understand the various ways you can get your motorbike transported. Transporting the Motorcycle Yourself The first option to get your bike to its destination is to move it yourself. This is generally a quicker and less expensive way of getting your motorbike shifted, however, the equipment and travel costs required can quickly add up. ‘DIYing’ your motorcycle transport […]

Packing 101: Moving Furniture Safely

When moving long distances, proper organisation and care can ensure a seamless journey for both you and your beloved furniture. As the moving process can be turbulent, proper care is essential to ensure your furniture doesn’t end up damaged or lost throughout the journey. From packing to planning, we’ve collected everything you need to move your furniture quickly and safely, at a minimal cost. Start With Your Layout It's important to start your moving process by making a thorough list of everything you need to move. This includes not just large pieces of furniture, but also smaller household items and […]

Long Haul Moving: How to Ensure a Seamless Transport Experience

Moving long distances can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and preparation, it can be a smooth and successful process. From packing and planning to before and after checklists, we’ve compiled everything you need to ensure you have a seamless move. Here's everything you need to know about how to make your long-haul move a smooth experience: What is Long-Haul Moving? Long-haul moving refers to the transportation of goods over a long distance, typically across the country. It can also refer to international moves, depending on the distance and location. Before you move, it is important to start […]

Our Guide to Choosing a Truckit.net Provider:

So you’ve created a listing and have received some quotes but you’re finding the process of choosing a transport provider a bit daunting? Here at Truckit.net, we understand that making decisions, especially important ones, isn't always easy. So we’ve created the following guide to help you choose the provider that is right for you. Step 1: Open your listing The very first step to choosing a provider is to log onto your account here, go to ‘My Listings’ and click on the active listing you are wanting to view. Scroll down to where the quotes are displayed and you are […]

Shipping a Salvage Car

Have a non-running car that you need transported? Don’t panic, there are many specialised car transport services that operate within Australia that can help. Whether you’re purchasing an old vehicle for restoration, need to transport your car to a mechanic for repairs or have won a vehicle from a salvage auction you probably have several questions about the ins and outs of transporting a non-runner. We are here to help answer these questions so you can start the process of getting your car transported!  It’s important to remember that moving a damaged vehicle is not the same as standard interstate […]

Long Distance Car Transport

Do you need a car transport service to move your vehicle over a long distance in Australia? Truckit.net can help! We are an online freight marketplace that connects transport providers with customers looking to move anything, anywhere. So if you’re looking for intrastate or interstate car transport look no further. We have created the following guide to help you better understand the ins and outs of vehicle transport.  Car transport services are a good alternative for people who cannot drive their car long distances for any number of reasons. Transport companies take the hassle out of moving your vehicle as […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Transporting Your Car

Transporting your car within Australia can be an intimidating task due to the number of interstate car transport companies to choose from, the different service levels available and the preparation that goes into moving a vehicle. However, you can make sure this process runs as efficiently as possible by avoiding the following 5 common mistakes. 1. Not Doing Due Diligence The first and often biggest mistake people make when booking their interstate car transport is not conducting thorough research on the transport companies they are considering. While the majority of freight organisations are legitimate businesses that operate ethically, there is […]

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