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Are you moving any boxes, cartons or packages on a pallet?

By listing your palletised freight on Truckit, you are minimising the time and hassle of chasing a quote by connecting to our network of transport providers who can offer you competitive quotes and excellent service, all in one central location. Our network of providers operate regular routes all over the country, opening up the possiblity to backload your pallets, saving you money in the process. 

Many companies pack their goods in boxes for transport. These can come in a few different sizes. All boxes, cartons and packages are recommended to be transported in heavy duty cardboard boxes for stacking purposes. Boxes will be stacked on top of each other so it is important that the boxes are strong enough. Ideally try to use the same boxes for all items on your pallet, if this isn’t possible then stack the smaller boxes on top of the larger boxes. All contents will be shrink wrapped if not already done before being picked-up.


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List your Items on a Pallet here for FREE

Tell us about the details with pictures of what you want to move along with the collection and delivery location of your object.

Compare and choose your Transport Provider

When you are ready, simply accept the most suitable quote and let the platform manage your booking through to delivery.

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Pallet Transport Interstate

You can save up to 70% on interstate pallet transport by using Truckit. Because there are so many pallet transport companies on the road all over Australia each week, you will be able to find a pallet courier to deliver your goods interstate relatively quickly. Truckit has an expansive transport network with providers travelling through QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, WA and NT everyday. So when it comes to long haul freight movements you can count on our pallet transport companies to get the job done. Generally all larger freight and heavy goods will need to be placed on pallets for transport, this ensures the safety of operators and the protection of other freight items on board.

Pallets also make for great space saving and make for easy loading on and off the back of trucks and trailers. This reduces the overall costs of manual handling and wasted truck space so it is a very efficient and effective means of transport. So next time you are in urgent need of freight pallet transport just come onto the Truckit platform and list all your job details. All of the pallet transport providers will be notified of your freight job in minutes so you can start receiving pallet transport quotes.

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Single Transit Insurance

Don't leave things to chance!
Protect your interests and get peace of mind with Accidental damage cover through Shipping and Delivery Insurance. Get a quote in just a few clicks when booking your transit. is a distributor for Shipping and Delivery Insurance - powered by NTI, one of Australia's leading cargo insurers and can offer
accidental damage cover within the booking process, on qualifying items.

Same Day Pallet Delivery

Truckit can help you with same day pallet transport with hundreds of providers ready to go. You just need to post your pallet delivery job as ‘ready now’ and after you post your job you will start receiving same day pallet delivery quotes for you to choose from. At Truckit we understand that sometimes companies have last minute pallet deliveries or you might have experienced freight delays already, which is why we are committed to help find you express pallet delivery options.

Door to Door Pallet Distribution

Take advantage of our convenient door to door pallet transfer services. If you have a warehouse and need stock transferred urgently you can count on the Truckit marketplace to get your pallets delivered in swift time. Because of the expansive network of transport providers all around Australia even the regional areas are easily reached. So there is no job too big or small when it comes to pallet distribution interstate.

Pallet Transportation  FAQS

While not always necessary, we recommend this to properly secure your goods. Items should be properly secured to a pallet for safe transportation. Ultimately it is between you and the Provider in regards to what is satisfactory but you are more likely to attract more providers and quotes if you do it properly.
Absolutely. Quotes for pallets are generally very sensitive to the dimensions you provide. Especially if it is being moved by a Broker or network carriers. Some owner operators who are moving the pallets themselves may be a bit more lenient.

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Peter Carden

Truckit customer on

Brilliant, great Communication. I used Truckit to arrange freight of a Vintage Car Engine from Adelaide to Sydney. They were fantastic from the outset & provided multiple quotes and options. Item was delivered in 3 days - very fast. Thank You Truckit. Would Definitely Recommend.

  • Mark K


    Quotes received within hours

    Great service with quotes received within hours. Would recommend as an excellent way to get vehicle transport quotes.

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    Truckit has made things easier

    Right in the process of a complex and very long distance move across three Australian states. Truckit has made things easier - Definitely recommend.

  • Gordana S


    Great site to find a reasonable price

    A great site to find a reasonable price for transport. Truckit found someone fast, who could transport from Victoria to South Australia for a great price. You don't spent a lot of time waiting for customer service to answer, and are friendly and ready to help answer any questions you might have. I'll definitely use them again.

  • Martha D


    Recommend to others

    I have to say I'm pleasantly suprised by how well this worked! I'm usually reluctant to use these kind of websites because you tend to get a lot of irrelevant spam - but I got a bunch of decent quotes with good reviews available. I would recommend to others and will use again in the future if I ever need to.

  • Carla G


    Urgent furniture transport

    Needed some furniture transported urgently. Managed to lock-in a great transporter easily. I will definitely use this online business again!

  • Jeremiah O


    Trusted provider of freighters

    Trusted provider of reliable Freighters. We have been using Truckit for several years. Highly recommended service.

Top Pallet Transport Companies

Pallet transport companies come equipped with all the required machines to load and unload your pallets from forklifts to cranes. Save yourself up to 70% on all your major freight transport jobs by posting your interstate transport job on Truckit today. You can see all of our providers 5 star reviews and previous feedback so don’t take our word for it, you can read what our previous customers have had to say. Our transport operators are friendly and provide a high standard of customer service so it’s not just about picking up and delivering your pallets. They will make sure it is delivered in the condition it was picked up and they will ensure it is unloaded where you need it. Take all the stress away with Truckit’s freight marketplace. You are also able to purchase Single Transit Insurance on qualifyng bookings for peace of mind, this helps protect your freight in the case of an unlikely event.

Interstate Pallet & Package Transport Quotes

Truckit has hundreds of pallet transport companies from all over the country that can deliver regularly to regional areas and all main cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns and Canberra. All of our transport providers are vetted and have a profile of reviews making it easy to decide between providers.  You will be able to take advantage of our online freight booking system which makes it easy to post a new job and receive quotes from a number of pallet couriers.

Using Truckit saves you research and comparison time, so you can spend more time on other tasks. No matter if you have one pallet or a complete warehouse full of pallets and packages Truckit can help. For major warehouse moves Truckit can even connect you with multiple companies who can help complete your pallet transport job.

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