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Yachts can be shipped on boats as deck cargo or on the back of a truck or boat trailer on the road, this all depends on size. And, in most cases a crane is required to pick up the yacht from the water. The crane will require a cradle to lift the boat which is sometimes provided by the owner or the carrier. This is a more conventional way of yacht transport for larger vessels.
Legislation will vary between states and territories but professional boat transport providers on Truckit may be able to supply or advise on unregistered vehicle permits or trade plates, which allow an unregistered trailer and your boat to be transported from point A to B. Create a freight listing on Truckit and make a note that your trailer is unregistered in order to start receiving quotes today.

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Get yourself in with the best prices and availability when you choose to book with We have one of the largest Aussie networks, ensuring you're getting spoilt for choice when the Boats quotes from SYDNEY to MELBOURNE begin to hit your inbox. Signing up and adding your listing is free and there is no obligation to book with us at any point - only great options and prices are sent to your inbox to ensure you're getting the best options every single time.

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Convenience is the way of the future, and it shouldn't be any different when it comes to booking Boats transportation. You can get your listing up and online within a matter of seconds - it's also free and there's no obligation to book afterwards. Giving you the opportunity to scan the marketplace without any major commitment.

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If you've just purchased a new boat and you need it moved from SYDNEY to MELBOURNE you're in the right spot - we've got a large network of service providers that can get your Boats where they need to get going no matter how large or small they may be. Even if you're getting a tinnie delivered we will have a quote to match your needs.

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Feel confident and empowered when you're booking with TruckIt - we have a very open forum so our customers can review and rate us fairly and openly so future customers can engage with past customer experiences. For us, it keeps us on our toes and ensures we're offering our customers the best quality time and time again.

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Get the best Boats transport booked for pickup in SYDNEY and drop off in MELBOURNE no matter how last minute the booking may be. We have loads of trucks on the roads, which means for you there are loads of bookings available at any given time.

The roads are unpredictable - opt in for additional cover

Covering all your bases is a must when it comes to being on the roads - they're unpredictable and it would be a shame to lose out on an item such as a Boat. Opt in for our add on Single Transit Insurance for Transport when you checkout to ensure you have all areas covered. If you do ever need assistance, you can also reach out to our customer service team for any concerns you may have.

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