About Us

How it started

In 2012, Truckit.net founder Robert Russell flew back home to Australia after a successful sporting and business career in the UK. Soon after, Robert realised he would need to move his belongings back to his hometown in Central Queensland. It took a lot of online searching and phone calls to find a transport provider who was ‘going that way anyway’ in order to get a competitive quote.

With Australia’s roads full of empty and half-filled trucks, this seemed like such a waste; to the Transport Providers, Customers and the environment. Having previous experience running an online business in the UK, Robert decided to set up TruckIt.net. Robert had seen similar ideas overseas and he knew that Australia’s own online freight marketplace was long overdue. Something that could help bring efficiency to an otherwise de-centralised industry.

How we work

Truckit.net Pty Ltd. is Australia's marketplace for road freight services. It is an internet marketplace for freight that provides more information and choice to consumers and carriers, bringing down the price for consumers, increasing business for carriers and creating a more efficient industry for everyone by reducing the number of empty trucks on the roads. This is done by providing a transparent quoting or bidding system online, allowing providers to compete for work and thereby achieve the best price possible for the consumer and allowing providers to be more efficient with managing their loads.

TruckIt.net helps you move anything, anywhere. From cars to containers, furniture to full truckloads, Truckit.net has transport providers who service every state and territory of Australia. Connecting people with customer-reviewed delivery companies that can move anything and everything from hard-to-ship items such as cars, horses and heavy equipment through to the most fragile works of art - when transporters compete for a customer’s business online, everybody wins.

The customer wins - transport is made easy, more affordable and more efficient online.

The transporter wins - being connected to a vast network of customers, filling the empty space in trucks with profitable backloads and through an online business reputation advertising and marketing is all taken care of.

TruckIt.net’s easy-to-use service costs you nothing until the transport job is agreed to. Customers can upload photos, dimensions and specific details. Transport providers can ask customers any questions online before providing a quote. Why go through the hassle of searching for quotes or customers? All the transporters and all the customers you’ll need are right here at TruckIt.net.


Extensive Australia-wide Network of Transport Providers