Want it there fast? If You Need the Wheels We’ve got the Deals!

No matter what it is or where it’s going – if you need it there overnight or same day truckit has the right courier waiting. We have hundreds of couriers ready and waiting and truckit is the best way for you to get the perfect courier at the price you’re happy to pay.  As the competitive quotes roll in you can relax knowing you'll never be bothered with pesky sales call. Your details are private and provided only to the courier you choose for the job.

Enter the details of your courier job NOW! You will start receiving quotes almost immediately.

Compare quotes, feedback and reviews before you decide – it doesn’t matter what you are Sending. You may have urgent business documents, products to deliver, confidential letters, client gifts, product samples, legal agreements, big things, small things – whatever it is there’s a courier out there that’s just perfect for your needs and you’ll make the connection through truckit. Just specify your needs and they’ll do the rest.

By comparing one courier against the other you can save big time on courier costs. Always make sure the pick-up and delivery times are to your satisfaction.

So what are you waiting for? ENTER YOUR DETAILS NOW to find the best courier for your particular needs.

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6 great reasons to use TRUCKIT

largest freight marketplace Over 50 million kms transported Australia's largest freight marketplace
Transparent quoting system Transparent quoting system Compare and choose a suitable transporter
Secure Freight Payments Secure Payments PayPal or Credit Card
Local Customer Service Local Customer Service Simply call us or access our online help resources
Save time and money Save time and money.  Over 4,500 providers compete for your job
Trusted and Reliable Freight Marketplace Trusted and Reliable Over 300,000 satisfied customers