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Are you looking for a reliable transporter to move your car from one location to another? Finding the best car transportation service is important to make sure your vehicle is delivered both safely and on-time.

It's not everyday that you need to move your car, so it may seem daunting at first when trying to select the transporter that's right for you - that's where Truckit can help.

Listing your car on Truckit gives you access to our extensive network of transport providers, who can then bid on your job. Creating a listing means you can compare each provider's quote terms, ask questions about their service and view their feedback, all in one central location. No more annoying emails or follow up sales calls, you deal only with the provider you choose. 

Below are a few simple questions that should be asked prior to selecting a transport provider to move your car:

  1. Do they provide door-to-door car transportation services, or do you need to arrange pick-up and delivery from the depot?
  2. Are they going to use a multi-car trailer, or an individual flat-bed trailer?
  3. Will they provide an option to use an enclosed trailer, if your vehicle is particularly valuable?

Any more questions? Check out our FAQ's on car transport for more info and tips on transporting your car.

Toyota Corolla from JIMBOOMBA, QLD 4280 TO EPPING, VIC 3076

"Rollings and his team were very efficient and professional . I am impressed with the way they delivered on the job. I will use them again, and will recommend this company to everyone I know. Job well done!"