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Yachts can be shipped on boats as deck cargo or on the back of a truck or boat trailer on the road, this all depends on size. And, in most cases a crane is required to pick up the yacht from the water. The crane will require a cradle to lift the boat which is sometimes provided by the owner or the carrier. This is a more conventional way of yacht transport for larger vessels.
Legislation will vary between states and territories but professional boat transport providers on Truckit may be able to supply or advise on unregistered vehicle permits or trade plates, which allow an unregistered trailer and your boat to be transported from point A to B. Create a freight listing on Truckit and make a note that your trailer is unregistered in order to start receiving quotes today.

Get the best transport for your Boats between CAIRNS and DARWIN

When it comes to moving your Boat or Boats from CAIRNS to DARWIN you want to ensure you're booking the best option with the best price - the place to find these options? - we have the widest range of transport options to match a wide range of requirements and needs, ensuring you're getting the best possible offer on the market for your transport requirements. Save some serious dollars and get your listing up within a matter of seconds.

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When you need to move a large vessel (or, even small) you should feel confident in the fact that when you book with, you can expect to save anywhere up to 75% when compared to regular removalists or transportation options. It means you can indulge and spend a little extra cash on the new rods, reels or lures you've been eyeing off without the extra guilt.

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TruckIt makes it easy to get your Boats from CAIRNS to DARWIN

Life gets busy and there is little time to spend scrolling through the hundreds of transport options online - that's where TruckIt steps in. We're a one stop shop marketplace for everything transport and delivery between CAIRNS and DARWIN. Get your listing up within a matter of seconds and start receiving quotes before you know it.

No matter how large or small your Boats are - you can book it with Truckit

With Truckit we don't believe in having any minimums or maximums - with our massive marketplace there is always going to be a service provider that can meet your needs. Get your boat from CAIRNS to DARWIN without any second thoughts - ensuring you're getting the best booking based on what you're moving opposed to what the minimum requirements may be.

Our ratings and reviews help you make a booking decision

When you're able to read and see an honest review it really helps with the buying or booking decision. Unfortunately, for some businesses, it doesn't go in their favour, however, we can happily say we're proud to boast about our ratings and review system as it is a clear indication that we're doing something right.

No matter how tight the turnaround may be - TruckIt has a booking for you

When life is happening sometimes it's hard to be the super organised go-getter we always aim to be. If you've had a moment and realised you haven't booked your Boat's transport from CAIRNS to DARWIN, you don't need to worry. We have 100s of trucks on the road at any given time that we can generally meet your bookings needs no matter the tight turnaround.

Get the best cover and customer care with TruckIt

We want our customers to feel secure and confident in their booking - that's why we recommend opting in for Single Transit Insurance for Transport, this additional layer of cover ensures your items are insured if there were to be an unforeseen accident. We also have some of the best customer care on the market - ensuring the help is there if you were to need it.

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