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Moving house – literally, or transporting supersize machinery, TruckIt.net is the place to visit to find the right transporter for your job. We’re talking any type of oversize/wide load from relocating a house to mining equipment to harvesters to bulldozers to crane hire to heavy haulage...

Through TruckIt.net you will find the perfect transporter for your oversized needs and through our customer feedback, reviews and website information you can relax knowing that you have chosen a company that complies with the current Australian Standards and Work Safe guidelines.
No matter what you want to move from a row of portable toilets to 30 tonne excavators, you’re starting out right by filling out the form above.

When you’ve got a huge load to move it’s an enormous responsibility, and you may find you’re faced with problems like choosing the most trustworthy and reliable transporter, finding someone who will do this at a reasonable price and in the timeframe you had in mind. Now you can compare quotes and transporter company information the quick and easy way through TruckIt.net. You don’t have to make a single phone call and yet you’ll receive lots of bids to do your job – you’ve only to choose the right transporter!
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5.5 tonne excavator from O'CONNOR, WA 6163 to RASMUSSEN, QLD 4815

"ChrisSTS made the move easy and with no stress, highly recommend the provider and Truckit service!"