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Truckit can help with all your container transport jobs. Truckit is home to 100’s of shipping container transporters all around Australia ready to win your job today. You can take advantage of our seamless and stress free freight booking system saving you time and money on freight costs. All of our providers are vetted and have previous customer reviews for you to compare. After posting your shipping container job you will start receiving a number of shipping container transport quotes from companies all around Australia. Usually the closest to your job will be the cheapest due to proximity and travel times. However, due to the high number of transport operators on the road every week, you will receive competitive and fair quotes to choose from. 


If you have any questions about our shipping container transport please discuss these with our providers once you have posted your job.

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When you are ready, simply accept the most suitable quote and let the platform manage your booking through to delivery.

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Recent Shipping Container Transport Jobs

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Shipping Container Transport Interstate

When it comes to the big hauls all of our transport providers come equipped and ready for the big jobs. From transport safety, loading and unloading you can count on our interstate shipping container transport companies to deliver your containers in the condition they left.  You can also purchase Single Transit Insurance for all your high value containers for that extra piece of mind. So next time you need to transport containers interstate or to regional Australia just post a job on the platform and save money today. Whether it is on a side-loader semi-trailer or a tilt tray our shipping container transport companies have all the required container trailers to get the job done today.

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Single Transit Insurance

Don't leave things to chance!
Protect your interests and get peace of mind with Accidental damage cover through Shipping and Delivery Insurance. Get a quote in just a few clicks when booking your transit. is a distributor for Shipping and Delivery Insurance - powered by NTI, one of Australia's leading cargo insurers and can offer
accidental damage cover within the booking process, on qualifying items.

20Ft Shipping Container Transport

Generally all of our 20 Ft Shipping Container Transport jobs are completed using a tilt tray and can be loaded to suit your situation.  Providers can load doors to the cab or doors to the rear. With the doors facing the front of the truck, this makes for easy access after the container is delivered and the doors will face the direction the truck drives away. With the doors facing the rear of the truck, this makes for easy access beside big buildings for access or for loading purposes.


20Ft Shipping Container Transport Costs

On average you will pay $160 to $200 for the first 20km and then from $3 to $5 per km thereafter plus GST when booking shipping container transport companies. Please note prices will vary between 20Ft shipping container transport providers.

Shipping Container Transport  FAQS

There are various methods for loading shipping containers on to a truck or trailer and it will all depend on how much access and room there is around the container. A sideloader can pull up parallel to the container and lift it straight on. A tilt tray can load a container when there is room in front of the container. If there is limited access you may need to use a crane or crane truck. It is important to note the access details, or even add a photo when creating your Truckit freight listing.
While weights will vary slightly, a 20ft shipping container weighs around 2,200kg when empty. A 20ft high cube shipping container weighs around 2,400kg when empty. A 40ft shipping container weighs around 3,700kg when empty. A 40ft High Cube shipping container weighs around 3,900kg when empty. A less common size, a 10ft shipping container weighs around 1,500kg when empty.

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    Great service with quotes received within hours. Would recommend as an excellent way to get vehicle transport quotes.

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    Right in the process of a complex and very long distance move across three Australian states. Truckit has made things easier - Definitely recommend.

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    A great site to find a reasonable price for transport. Truckit found someone fast, who could transport from Victoria to South Australia for a great price. You don't spent a lot of time waiting for customer service to answer, and are friendly and ready to help answer any questions you might have. I'll definitely use them again.

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    I have to say I'm pleasantly suprised by how well this worked! I'm usually reluctant to use these kind of websites because you tend to get a lot of irrelevant spam - but I got a bunch of decent quotes with good reviews available. I would recommend to others and will use again in the future if I ever need to.

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    Needed some furniture transported urgently. Managed to lock-in a great transporter easily. I will definitely use this online business again!

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    Trusted provider of reliable Freighters. We have been using Truckit for several years. Highly recommended service.

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