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Job Details

General Freight

Collection: MOOREBANK, NSW, 2170
Around 19/09/2018
Delivery: THE BASIN, VIC, 3154
Date Flexible
Estimated Distance: 839 Km
Estimated Time: 9 Hrs

Customer: mcfar316426
Date Listed: 15/09/2018 12:48
Quotes: 0
Loading Location: Auction Site (assumes loading available)
Listing ID: 378527
Expires: 18/09/2018 13:00
Lowest Quote: -
Unloading Location: Residential

Insurable Value: $20000
Item Details
What needs moving?: Various catering equipment
Please tick if you would like to add more details: Yes
More Details: Pick up from grays moorebank nsw deliver to the basin Melbourne serious cookie equipment fridges freezers cook tops ovens must have tailgate loader
Weight/Dimensions are rough estimates.
This Item is a GraysOnline auction item. This does not necessarily mean it's collection will be from a GraysOnline Warehouse.
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Funkool wrote on 15/09 at 01:31 PM
You will need a list with sizes and weights for anyone to quote
Ting1 wrote on 15/09 at 02:36 PM
Yes how big is this load ute semi trailer b double thanks
mcfar316426 wrote on 15/09 at 03:50 PM
It is medium rigid truck 8 tonne kitchen equipment s of various sizes and heights I

All you need is 8 time truck to load the equipment s and a tailgate all have wheels you need a pallet jack to incase it doesn’t have wheels pick up deliver to Melbourne
Ting1 wrote on 15/09 at 04:15 PM
Hi ok that's all I need to know too much for me thanks for you info
altoro1 wrote on 16/09 at 08:43 AM
any photos? or better description of items?