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Haulage - Part Truckload

Collection: BENDIGO, VIC, 3550
Around 08/10/2019
Delivery: CAIRNS, QLD, 4870
Date Flexible
Estimated Distance: 2727 Km
Estimated Time: 33 Hrs

Customer: samin519059
Date Listed: 14/09/2018 11:13
Quotes: 0
Loading Location: Farm (assumes loading available)
Listing ID: 378294
Expires: 28/09/2018 12:00
Lowest Quote: -
Unloading Location: Residential

Customer Is: Receiving this Item/s
Item Details
What needs moving?: Small Machine & attachments
Haulage Description: 14ft x 6ft floor space requirement
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Coburn wrote on 14/09 at 03:14 PM
Hi, do you have a weight and height.
samin519059 wrote on 14/09 at 09:26 PM
Hi Coburn
Thanks for your interest.
It is a sub compact tractor (baby tractor) & about 4 separate attachments.
The total weight for all peices would be approximately 2500kg.
Total height with ROPS folded down would be approximately 1.8m.
I was going to drive down to pick it up in a 10x6ft trailer behind a landcruiser, but cannot get the time too.
Thanks Coburn