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Secure your next Cairns Courier with TruckIt

TruckIt offers the best Courier services in Cairns, no matter the size of the job or the distance, there's something for everyone. With a nationwide network, we're able to offer you unbeatable prices on deliveries. You can also expect super flexible booking options, making it easy to organise your transport. Our booking system is easy to use and saves you a lot of time when searching for the best services to meet your needs.

Never pay full price when you book with TruckIt

With TruckIt, you'll be spoiled for choice - you'll be sent a range of competitive quotes at unbeatable prices. One of the best things is that with every booking, you'll have a range of options from courier services to choose from. Never pay full price again for your Cairns Couriers booking.

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No restrictions on size or weight with TruckIt Couriers

TruckIt makes it easy to find the right shipping option for your Courier booking: we don't impose restrictions on the size or weight of your shipping. You are only charged for your shipment based on its size, weight, and distance travelled — which means you won’t get caught with an extra charge based on the size of the truck that does your delivery.

Save time by using our seamless booking system

It only takes a few minutes to get your listing up and running — setting up listing and account is fast and you can be live on our site within minutes. No more spending loads of time scanning the internet for the best bargains — TruckIt emails are delivered straight to your inbox.

A ratings and review system so you know you're booking the best

Don’t leave it to chance that you’re getting the best service provider. We make sure that all of our service providers are accountable for the work they provide and are rated based on their performance. This allows us to periodically improve the quality of our service by making sure we’re offering customers the best possible offer every time.

TruckIt have thousands of service providers

Getting your items moved quickly and efficiently can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you’re in a hurry. When you need Cairns Courier, who do you turn to? TruckIt. We have thousands of service providers available through our network, so we can find something no matter how quickly you may need it. You’ll find that adding your listing to our site is free and there’s no obligation to book if you decide to.

With TruckIt you're getting the best cover and customer care with every booking

We want our customers to feel secure and confident in their booking. That's why it's essential to opt-in when you book for Single Transit Insurance, which provides cover in the event of an unforeseen accident. And with some of the best customer care on the market, you can feel confident you'll get the best assistance if you need it.

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