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List your eBay Items to move for FREE

Tell us the details, including pictures, of what you want to move, along with the collection and delivery details of your item.

Compare and choose your Transport Provider

When you are ready, simply accept the most suitable quote and let the platform manage your booking through to delivery.

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eBay Delivery Services

Truckit would like to welcome eBay customers to help with all their delivery needs. We are here to help with delivery of all large items to your door and of course your sizeable things likes Cars, Trucks, Boats or any other motor vehicle or piece of Machinery. Aswell as items including Homewares, Furniture, Fridges, Couches, Pool Tables, Garden, Mining and Construction can all be moved by Australia's largest freight marketplace. has developed an integrated solution with eBay which allows you to import the eBay details about your item including Item Name, Photos and Collection (Pickup) address, therefore saving you even more time on creating your listing.



eBay Delivery Options

eBay pickup and delivery service | eBay furniture delivery service | eBay Courier Delivery Service | eBay parcel delivery | eBay motors delivery | Standard delivery eBay | Next day delivery eBay | eBay One day delivery | Wrong delivery address eBay | Delivery of large eBay items

Integrate eBay

Create listings fast on Truckit by importing the item details through the eBay API.  This is where the Item Number is on your eBay Listing is used to pull through your item data.

ebay delivery service


The item number from your eBay purchase can be found on the eBay listing page on the right hand side 

You can then copy and paste this number into the Truckit Get a Quote form when you select the approriate category.


eBay pickup and delivery service

Are you looking for an effective service for your eBay delivery needs? Finding an appropriate delivery service provider is important to keep costs low and ensure reliable delivery. However, it can also be extremely time-consuming. In response, has developed a one-stop system, which can save customers both time and money. Instead of searching for delivery service providers yourself, simply submit your details on our website and we will do the work for you.

We will find a provider from our vast network of courier service providers and they will deliver your goods to any location right away. The system includes useful features such as Provider Feedback and ratings, which provides reliable information on the performance of each service provider. In addition, the strong competition between courier service providers means that we can guarantee our customers the lowest price in the industry. This is where the Item Number is on your eBay Listing

eBay furniture delivery service

Have you recently purchased any piece of furniture on eBay for example; cupboards, lounges, new beds, dining table and chairs or maybe storage cabinets and now need to get it delivered? Truckit has a fast and efficient eBay furniture delivery service available. All of our eBay delivery providers will quote on your delivery requirements for you to choose the most suitable.

When it comes to furniture it can be quite awkward and heavy, this is where you can relax and let our furniture specialists deliver your furniture to your door or even into your house if you require. Don’t take our word for it, you can take a look at all our reviews on Google to see hundreds of happy customer experiences.


Recent Jobs


eBay Courier Delivery Service

Do you require small, medium or large boxes delivered from eBay? The Truckit eBay courier delivery service is fast, efficient, affordable and stress free. All around Australia no matter the time of the day, truckit has a number of couriers travelling back and forwards who can get your package to you. You will be able to choose your own courier quote that is best suitable.



You can view all of our providers profiles reviews online and also communicate directly back and forth to arrange any special delivery requirements. If you are a regular buyer of garments or purchase products that are required to be shipped regularly, truckit is a great way to make this process cost efficient and time effective.

eBay Parcel Delivery

Needing a small parcel delivered urgently or need to get your newly purchased clothes delivered? Post a parcel delivery job on the truckit platform to start receiving quotes from our eBay parcel delivery providers today. Shopping online has never been so easy when it comes to getting your small products delivered.

You can communicate with 100’s of independent couriers waiting to pick up and deliver your items to their intended destination. Our service is integrated with eBay so you can easily connect your product purchase and delivery requirements based on an item number. Order your eBay parcel couriers on the truckit platform today.


eBay Motors Delivery

Purchased a car through eBay recently? Or some car parts for your new restoration project or maybe some cool modification parts? Why not think of getting them delivered through the car transport providers on truckit. With 100’s of reputable car transport providers all around Australia in one place. You can easily list your items for delivery and start receiving instant quotes.

You can talk back and forward with each of the providers and also view their previous reviews on the provider profiles. If you are into classic cars or hot rods and want to make sure your baby is transported as it should be. Then you can count on all our professional car transport providers on truckit. Get your car delivered today from eBay.

Standard Delivery eBay

When it comes to all your standard eBay purchases truckit can easily provide you standard delivery options. If you have a number of garments, products, inventory required to be moved or just want a simple item delivered to your house. The Truckit providers will pick up your item and deliver it to your house. If you have no special requirements and no urgency to get your product.

Then an alternative option you can list your product to be delivered whenever, with increased flexibility you will find a lower delivery cost on standard items. Make shopping online easy today with the standard delivery of eBay products on the truckit platform. List your item today to start receiving quotes.


Next Day Delivery eBay

Some online purchases are urgent and require delivery the next day and this can be extremely hard to find transport providers available. However, this is why truckit is so convenient. You can list your recent purchase on truckit and fill out the ‘Required Delivery Time Frame’ option as ‘Urgent’ and put in the extra notes ‘Next day delivery’. You will start receiving instant quotes from all our eBay transport providers.

Within a small time frame you will be able to start reviewing quotes and provider profiles to find the most suitable transport quote. When you are struggling to find a delivery option, you can always count on the Truckit platform to provide a solution to your last minute deliveries.


eBay One Day Delivery

If you are looking for one day delivery options then truckit is your best bet. With 100’s of transport providers on the go all around Australia. You can easily list your job for one day delivery on the Truckit platform to start receiving instant quotes from all available providers. When it comes to making shipping and delivery easy you can count on the time and cost effective solution provided by truckit.

Our providers have plenty of space available on their trucks and there is bound to be one provider who is passing by your items. Make sure to leave as many details on your listing so that all transport companies are completely aware of all your requirements.


Wrong Delivery Address eBay

Have you recently purchased an item on eBay and it was delivered to the wrong address? Usually this is stressful and well there is now a solution to make this stress free. Just create a new job listing on the Truckit platform to have your item picked up and delivered from the wrong dress it arrived at to its original intended address. Take the headache out of online shipping and use a convenient service where you can count on your items being delivered in one piece to the correct address.


Delivery of Large eBay Items

Truckit has 100’s of providers who specialise in transporting large eBay items. With trucks of all sizes on the road across Australia we have dedicated providers for a number of large items. This is one of the most convenient reasons to use truckit is that when it comes to moving large items you don’t need all the equipment or trucks to move them. You can take advantage of all our other providers who can reduce shipping costs by up to 75% for large volumes of products delivered at once. Just list your item today and start talking with all our transport providers today.


Most Popular Delivery Locations by City

eBay delivery Melbourne
eBay delivery Brisbane
eBay delivery Sydney
eBay delivery Perth
eBay delivery Adelaide


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 Rating from Google Reviews

Peter Carden

Truckit customer on

Brilliant, great Communication. I used Truckit to arrange freight of a Vintage Car Engine from Adelaide to Sydney. They were fantastic from the outset & provided multiple quotes and options. Item was delivered in 3 days - very fast. Thank You Truckit. Would Definitely Recommend.

  • Mark K


    Quotes received within hours

    Great service with quotes received within hours. Would recommend as an excellent way to get vehicle transport quotes.

  • Michael S


    Truckit has made things easier

    Right in the process of a complex and very long distance move across three Australian states. Truckit has made things easier - Definitely recommend.

  • Gordana S


    Great site to find a reasonable price

    A great site to find a reasonable price for transport. Truckit found someone fast, who could transport from Victoria to South Australia for a great price. You don't spent a lot of time waiting for customer service to answer, and are friendly and ready to help answer any questions you might have. I'll definitely use them again.

  • Martha D


    Recommend to others

    I have to say I'm pleasantly suprised by how well this worked! I'm usually reluctant to use these kind of websites because you tend to get a lot of irrelevant spam - but I got a bunch of decent quotes with good reviews available. I would recommend to others and will use again in the future if I ever need to.

  • Carla G


    Urgent furniture transport

    Needed some furniture transported urgently. Managed to lock-in a great transporter easily. I will definitely use this online business again!

  • Jeremiah O


    Trusted provider of freighters

    Trusted provider of reliable Freighters. We have been using Truckit for several years. Highly recommended service.

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