Run your business on the go!

The Truckit Provider app helps you find and manage jobs to keep your wheels turning.

Stress Less, Earn More


Be in control

Remove the stress of admin, so you can focus on growing your business.

Truckit Pay takes care of your payments, your funds are secured for jobs in progress and paid out promptly upon delivery.


Real-time communication

Smooth in-app messaging makes asking questions and sharing updates with your customer a breeze. Upload proof of delivery documents straight from your smartphone's camera.


Let jobs come to you

Truckit's proprietary freight matching algorithm allows us to recommend jobs based on your preferences, job history and current location.

Quote or pass on a job with the swipe of a finger, meaning you can spend more time on what's important.


Most commonly asked questions

The Truckit Provider app is free to download and use, as is the Truckit web platform. There is no sign up fees or ongoing subscription.

Whenever you secure a job there is a small deposit fee which is simply deducted from the final amount paid to you. The fee is calculated on a sliding scale, with the maximum rate being 13%, the fee tier decreases as the job value increases. The fees are transparent, meaning every time you place a quote you will be shown exactly how much you will earn from the job.

Signing up to Truckit is simple and can be done in less than 5 mins. Simply provide your ABN as well as a couple of verification documents and our local support team will check and approve your account ASAP.
The app's in-built tracking uses your device's location provide your customers with updates on your trip, improving transparency and reducing unecessary check-up phone calls. You have full control over the tracking, with the ability to go online or offline with the flick of a switch to strike the right balance between transparency and privacy when you are not conducting a job.