Safe Transport Guide is the easiest, quickest and safest way to find shipping services online - unfortunately, fraud does exist in the transport industry. Regardless, there are some simple steps you can follow to ensure you have a safe online experience.

1.     Choose Carefully

While a Provider’s Profile provides useful information such as feedback ratings, comments and provider verification, you should always ask your provider about their professional experience and credentials using the messaging function on your job listing page. 

2.     Get it in Writing

After the shipment is booked, if there are things that are additional to what was agreed on the marketplace or the job changes, you and your service provider should execute a written contract outlining the details of your new agreement. This is a very important step that protects both parties in case there is a disagreement.

3.     Understanding Upfront Payments

Some transport providers will ask for an upfront deposit. You should always make sure that the deposit details, like the refund process, are clearly outlined in the contract.  You should always ask for a copy of the Providers Terms and Conditions and take note of such things as their Cancellations policy.

4.     Use Credit Cards Whenever Possible

Using a major credit card or a third party payment system like PayPal is the safest way to pay anyone you do business with.  You have greater protection this way should a dispute arise.

5.     Avoid Instant Cash Transfer Services prohibits transport providers from requesting payment from instant cash transfer services (such as Western Union and Moneygram). When you send money via one of these services, you cannot confirm who the person receiving the money is or reclaim money sent. Avoid using these services and report anyone requesting you use these services to our support team on 1300 859 850.

6.     Use Common Sense

If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Ask questions, get it in writing, do your research and always pay safely.

About is a neutral facilitator and the transport provider acknowledges and agrees that is not directly involved in the transactions and arrangements between users and providers. This means that is simply a marketplace that serves as a venue where two parties agree on a price for a service.

Any and all arrangements are made between you and the transport provider you select. does make efforts to prequalify or validate the claims of transportation service providers through Provider Verification and general phone contact but you should conduct your own independent research after accepting a quote.  Remember there is no obligation to proceed with a job after booking it if you do not feel comfortable with your Provider.

Do not mistake a dispute for fraud. If you have a dispute with your service provider, please contact the support team at and we will do our best to help facilitate communication between the two parties.

For a more detailed description of how works, and its policies, please review the Terms and Conditions here that you agreed to when you joined.