Backloading your car interstate or for long-haul moves is a simple way to move your car that saves time, money and stress, as well as wear and tear on your vehicle. is your trusted name when it comes to backloading transport, and our services are built to transport cars and motor vehicles of all sizes. No matter the reason for moving, our network of professional and experienced operators will ensure your cars are delivered to your destination safely at an affordable price.

What does Car backloading mean? 

Car backloading takes the stress and hassle out of transporting your car interstate or around the corner. Opting for a privately hired truck means you will need to cover for the entire rental cost, regardless of how much space your vehicle takes up on the load. Car companies with car carries will also charge higher than backload.

This approach can be expensive and annoying, especially for those that own smaller cars. Backloading reduces this unnecessary cost, as you will only pay for your share of the delivery. If your vehicle fills 25% of the truck’s load capacity, then you only pay 25% of the cost incurred in getting to the final destination. 

At, we work with a range of different trucks and providers across the country. We aim to capitalise on their return trips or any vacant space on their already chartered journeys. The beauty of our expansive network means we can find an option for practically any delivery requirement, while also keeping the car transport costs down for individual customers. Customers can save up to 75% on costs by avoiding hire fees. We also maximise the return leg of a truck trip, which ensures the original customers are only liable for their portion of the journey.

Why should I backload my car? 

Transporting your car via a backload interstate or on a long-haul journey allows you to save time, money and unnecessary stress. No matter the size of your car, the platform can find a truck willing to transport it to your final destination. The cost-savings of only paying for the one-way trip of the truck means you’ll receive a lower rate than is possible from a privately chartered journey. 

For many people, a car is one of their most valuable and important possessions. Driving the vehicle for interstate or long-distance moves will add plenty of kilometres to the car’s odometer. This added mileage will not only significantly hinder the value of the car but will also incur excessive wear and tear. Transporting your vehicle on a backload will safely deliver your vehicle to its final destination, without unnecessary damage or devaluation. 

In our increasingly environmental-conscious climate, many people are reluctant to drive their cars for long-distances or hire a truck just for the move. However, the beauty of backloading is that you can make multiple deliveries on one trip, and the return leg is also capitalised on for additional deliveries. By combining numerous deliveries, you will exponentially decrease your impact on the environment, while still getting your car to where it needs to be. 

Finally, life is busy! Do you really have time to be driving your car across the country? By backloading your vehicle on a truck, you won’t even need to lift a finger, and the job will be done! It’s the simplest solution on the market.

How does work? aims to connect customers wanting to relocate their vehicle, with truck drivers that can carry out the job. work alongside 100s of operators across the country, and we manage numerous routes every single day of the week. Our services cater to those moving between major cities, as well as those looking to reach regional or rural locations. 

After we’ve established your budget, timeline, vehicle size and other relevant needs, we will source numerous quotes for the job. When we have secured a diverse range of drivers that are available and can meet your requirements, we give you the flexibility and authority to choose the option that best suits you. 

By working in conjunction with various different drivers, we can work around cars of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a once-off job or an ongoing agreement,  you can trust to get your car safely, securely and on-time to its final destination.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does backloading a car cost? 

The cost of backloading a vehicle is on average between $400 and $1300 on Cost may vary depending on the vehicle size, required delivery timeframe and starting and finishing location. 

There is no minimum budget required for car delivery jobs. However, we do encourage responsible and considered pricing as this will allow the truck drivers to adhere to the necessary transport safety practices. 

There is also no set number of car backloading quotes that you will receive on your listing. If you are not receiving enough quotes we recommend that you increase your budget to gain more interest from transport providers. We aim to provide a diverse and comprehensive selection of operators so that you can choose the provider that best suits your budget and other requirements.

Will my car be safe on a backload? has extensive experience in the car transport and backloading industry, and our platform has drivers and freight providers from all corners of the country. Through this process, we have identified the operators that offer the most comprehensive and regulated safety precautions. These registered and approved providers of will care for your car like it is their own, so you have the peace of mind that your prized possession is in safe hands.

Do I need to insure my car for the journey? 

While we do work alongside the most experienced and trusted freight providers in the country, we do recommend our customers take out Car Backload Single Transit Insurance. Single transit insurance is a simple and affordable way to protect yourself from any unlikely but potential risk, and will give you an added layer of security if something does go wrong. If you have any further questions or would like assistance with this process, please contact the team for information.