Are you dreaming of nights around the fireplace? Is your ideal weekend spent by the campfire? Maybe you’re just after some extra wood to keep around your home and property? At, we have the solution for you – firewood backloads.

Our network of experienced removalists and truck drivers will ensure you can have the firewood you need, without breaking your budget. Why not stock up while prices are low for wood and don’t stress if it’s not nearby. You can backload your firewood interstate and locally without the stress of having to find a provider.

Transporting firewood can be an expensive, time-consuming and challenging process, especially if you try and do it yourself. These loads of firewood are also often too heavy or difficult to handle to be completed in your own vehicle, but hiring a trailer, truck or larger method of transport can be very expensive and comes with risk of damage to the vehicle can connect you with a firewood backload service provider interstate or locally anywhere around Australia. We will connect you with an already chartered truck that is headed for your chosen destination and has the availability to take your firewood load too. This approach to transporting firewood will not only make your life easier; it’s also much cheaper.

How does firewood backloading interstate or locally work? 

Firewood backloading refers to the relocation of firewood interstate or locally in a vehicle that is already returning empty to the town it originally came from, or in the space available on an already chartered journey. By capitalising on this opportunity you can save up to 70% on transport costs, you only need to pay for the area your firewood takes up on the truck. You’re also just liable for one-way of the journey, as the return leg is covered by the transportation of another customer’s supplies. 

As firewood takes up much less room than some larger goods, this will likely earn you some pretty decent savings! Say your wood takes up one-quarter of the load on your one-way trip, your bill will be one-quarter of the total cost incurred in getting the truck to your chosen destination.

Protecting firewood on a backload interstate or locally 

While firewood might not require the same level of protection needed as more delicate items, such as furniture, haulage or freight, it’s still important that your goods arrive in the same condition as when they left. Firewood backloading providers typically have the containers, moving blankets, cling wrap and pads needed to protect your wood, so it’s always best to discuss your requirements with the freight providers quoted on your listing. 

Backloading your firewood does not mean your wood is handled any differently to if it was relocated with a more traditional removal service or privately hired truck. By only working with the vetted providers in our industry, we encourage all of our providers to show your shipment the same care as if it was their own. 

We also encourage responsible quoting from our transport providers, and responsible budgets from customers as this ensures enough resources to cater to on road safety measures. We do recommend that customers take out Firewood Backload Single Transit Insurance if they would like the extra peace of mind.

How much does it cost to backload firewood interstate and locally? 

Firewood backloading costs on average between $200 to $900 interstate and locally on Cost can vary significantly, depending on the distance, load size and pick up or delivery requirements. The price can be more affordable along some routes compared to others as the bulk of freight typically moves in similar directions and between significant locations. 

However, the cost of backloading firewood can be considerably cheaper than other types of backloading as the products are not as fragile as some other loads. The sturdiness of wood reduces the need for excessive padding and protective layers, which means you can save on extra costs. 

There are also no minimum budget requirements for customers, but we encourage responsible budget offerings to ensure we providers adhere to safe transport practices. The platform transport providers will provide you with a range of firewood backloading quotes from different operators, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your needs.

How long does it take to backload firewood interstate or locally? 

On average it takes between 1 and 7 days to deliver firewood on There are 100’s of trucks moving interstate and locally throughout the week that will have extra space to throw on your firewood.

We encourage customers to provide as much notice as possible and think ahead by providing as much details and images when submitting their job request to increase the maximum number of firewood backload quotes from providers and to ensure easy delivery of firewood on time. 

Sometimes smaller loads of wood may be picked up and delivered quicker than more extensive collections, as drivers often have small spaces of vacancy in their vehicles. Other times, larger loads can be picked up on the return leg of an already chartered trip, ensuring the delivery is made relatively quickly too.  

We also understand that situations can arise which mean deliveries are required much sooner. Spaces often open up at the last minute on trucks as other clients change their load requirements, so we direct every effort towards ensuring we cater to your every need. 

Do I need to load or unload the firewood myself? 

We get it – firewood is heavy and it’s messy too! The beauty of backloading is that you can also arrange additional firewood loading and unloading service to minimise the effort required from your end. As well as providing the required containers, our drivers can ensure your firewood is stacked to minimise the likelihood of breakages. 

Who will be backloading my firewood interstate or locally? has a minimum standard and criteria for our providers to meet, they have undergone the safety checks and vetting to ensure they can conduct your firewood backloading transport job to the highest possible standard. These operators are selected for the timely responses, effective time management and comprehensive safety measures. 

While you may regularly use to backload firewood, keep in mind it is likely that you will use the same driver or truck that you have used before. Although it may not be the exact same service provider every time, you will have the peace of mind that you’re always receiving the best possible outcome. also has a review system for our providers to ensure that all our future customers have a transparent view of previous experiences from our operators.