Are you looking to send something interstate or over a long-distance, but don’t necessarily have the time to wait for a regular postage service? A courier backload will ensure your goods get to the right place, at the right time, for the right price. is Australia’s new platform for courier backloads, we’ll give you the speed, security, tracking and individualisation you’re looking for, without making you rent an entire truck for your single delivery. We will connect you with an already scheduled backload that has the availability to take your goods on board, and you’ll only pay for your portion of the journey.

 How does a courier backload work? 

Hiring a courier is a popular option for anyone wanting to move a single product or a small number of goods from one place to another, this is typically used to pick up items from the post office and deliver items interstate or locally. These jobs are typically organised at relatively short notice or offer a flexible delivery date. 

Rather than sending your package through the traditional mail service or hiring a car, ute or trailer, a courier backload allows you to relocate the products on a truck that is returning empty for an already scheduled trip, or one that has space available on a current journey. 

As the truck is already due to undertake the trip, you can save up to 70% on transport costs as you don’t need to cover the entire return cost of the journey. Instead, you’ll only pay for the costs incurred by your portion of the load. This cost-saving makes it a great option for long-distance purchases or relocations of single items such as small, medium and large packages, online shopping deliveries or high-priority mail.

How is my load protected on a courier backload? 

Sending packages via a courier backload is no different to using the post office. Your load still receives the same level of care and attention as it would with a regular courier service or privately hired trailer, it’s simply transported alongside other deliveries headed in the same direction.  

The network of providers on can often provide moving blankets and pads for any fragile deliveries and can also cater to specific handling requirements. If your delivery requires special care, it is best to discuss this with the freight providers on your listing.

Do I need Courier Backload Single Transit Insurance? 

While we direct every effort towards protecting your delivery, we do encourage our clients to take out Single Transit Insurance for Courier Backloads on This extra protection gives you the added peace of mind that your goods will arrive on-time and in one-piece. 

We cannot control the behaviours and actions of other people on the road, and the nature of load sharing also means that sometimes an accident can happen. Single Transit Insurance is a protective mechanism for those unlikely circumstances. 

Faster deliveries 

Courier backloads differ from other transport options in that there are often vacancies that present at the last minute, allowing for the quick delivery of goods short and long distances. This option also reduces the need to wait for an entire truck to become available before your delivery is made. 

Although short-notice opportunities can present, when you are creating your job listing you will be able to provide your required timeframe of delivery whether that be urgent or a few weeks. Having extra time will allow you to review a wider range of quotes, ensuring you receive the most competitive price on the market. 

Interstate Courier Backloads

If you are seeking a delivery service between states, can connect you with our network of drivers that are continually travelling between major cities, regional towns and rural areas. This is an ideal solution for online private purchases, relocating single items or making urgent long-distance deliveries. 

Why choose as your courier backload provider? 

Courier backloading is the ideal solution for anyone that has some flexibility in their arrival date or is seeking an affordable means of delivery on short notice. Our significant savings are a result of capitalising on drivers that are already passing through your area and have space available in their vehicle. 

As you’re only liable for the cost incurred by your portion of the load, you can often save up to 70% on transportation costs. We understand how important it is that your delivery arrives safely and securely, which is why we have a comprehensive vetting process in place that ensures we only work with reputable, reliable and trustworthy operators. 

How much does a courier backload cost? 

Courier Backloading costs on average between $150 to $450 on the platform. Backloading is a much more cost-effective approach than traditional delivery services. However, cost may vary between jobs. 

The role of is to provide customers with numerous courier quotes in a short amount of time, allowing them to choose the option that best suits their needs. These quotes will take into account load size, handling requirements, distance and any other relevant information. 

Does courier backloading impact truck drivers? 

It’s a common misperception that backloading is an inconvenience for truckdriver that hinders their earning potential. However, it’s actually quite the opposite. This approach to transport ensures the driver is capitalising on their entire delivery potential and provides an opportunity to generate an additional income. If you want to learn more, read about “Is backloading a thing?”.