How to Transport a Motorcycle Within Australia

How to Transport a Motorcycle Within Australia

Posted by Truckit on 24/02/2023

Much like interstate car transport, there are many different transport options available to move a motorcycle. So it can be easy to get overwhelmed with finding the best choice for your bike. We have put together the following article to help you understand the various ways you can get your motorbike transported.

Transporting the Motorcycle Yourself

The first option to get your bike to its destination is to move it yourself. This is generally a quicker and less expensive way of getting your motorbike shifted, however, the equipment and travel costs required can quickly add up. ‘DIYing’ your motorcycle transport may not be the best option if you don’t have a lot of spare time available to drive from collection to delivery. This method also poses a risk to the condition of your bike if not transported correctly so be sure to dedicate some time into learning how to safely secure the motorcycle for hauling.

If you decide this is your preferred transport method you need to ensure you have a trailer or vehicle large enough to hold the bike, a ramp to get it onto your trailer, as well as the straps required to hold it secure. You should also ensure you enlist help to load and unload to avoid damage to the bike and injury to yourself. Consideration must also be made into travel arrangements if the motorcycle transport is over a long distance as you may need to book accommodation and budget for meals along the way. Finally, it is important to make sure you have sufficient transit insurance to cover the motorcycle for transport. 

Hire a General Freight Company

The next option for your interstate motorcycle transport is to use a freight organisation that ships a large variety of goods and vehicles. This is the optimal choice for those whose main priority is dependability and a faster transit time. As these companies are usually larger and more established, they are well versed in getting freight moved quickly and safely. While they may not be a specialised motorbike transport company, they will have the experience necessary to ship your motorcycle successfully.

Be sure to conduct all necessary due diligence on your chosen freight company if you decide to use this type of transport. This includes reading their reviews and ensuring that insurance is included and can cover the cost of your motorcycle. You may also want to source quotes from multiple companies so you can compare not only the prices but also what is included in the quote (insurance, door to door service, enclosed transport etc.).  

Use an Independent Hauler

Usually considered a cheaper option than specialised or general freight companies, the next option to move your bike is independent haulers. These haulers are usually owner drivers who make a living from transporting freight or use it as an additional revenue stream. Their costs usually vary depending on their availability and what they offer. We recommend consulting with these haulers prior to accepting a quote to ensure they have the right equipment and experience required to transport your bike securely. Often insurance is not offered with the service from this type of transport provider, however, we always recommend checking this before you book.

Employ a Specialised Motorcycle Transporter

Your final option for your interstate motorcycle transport is to hire a transporter specialised in motorbike transport. This type of provider will have the most experience in motorbike transport and will have the custom-designed equipment necessary to move your bike safely. This includes specialist trucks and bike vans, straps and other hardware needed to ensure the cycle is properly secured. This is a premium service and therefore the price will be indicative of this. Insurance will most likely be offered with this service, however, it is best practice to confirm this before making any bookings.  

Truckit.net Makes Motorbike Transport Easy

We offer a platform to make your motorcycle transport simple as we offer the opportunity to connect with over 6000 transport providers. Our service gives you access to small & large transport organisations who move various types of freight, owner drivers as well as specialised motorbike transporters. This makes it easy to compare quotes between the differing companies all in one place.

In our motorbike category we have a new ‘Book Now’ feature that is generated by our AI using 10 years of data from motorcycle transport bookings. This feature generates an instant price using the details you place on our quoting form. If this price appeals to you then the acceptance process is easy.  If any of our premium motorcycle providers can facilitate your motorbike transport, they will also accept the quote and the job will be booked. We offer many benefits if you choose this service to move your bike. You can rest easy with our free warranty of $1000 with every AI booking and the ability to add extra insurance at checkout with our insurance provider NTI who offers coverage up to the value of $50,000. We also offer free cancellations on our AI bookings, as long as you cancel 48 hours before your scheduled pick-up date. Additionally, with our safe payment method Truckit Pay, you can be sure your funds are being held securely until your bike is delivered making this the optimal choice to get your motorcycle moving.

Throughout the entire AI booking process, up until a provider accepts the job, quotes can still be placed on your listing. This means if you receive different quotes than the AI price you can book this in, even while it is awaiting being matched with a provider. These alternative prices will follow the same quoting and booking process as every other freight category on our website. To learn more about how to choose the best transport provider for your general freight or motorbike transport please see our guide here.

Create a listing now to get a range of quotes for your intra or interstate motorbike transport!

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