How much does it cost to transport a car?

The best way to answer the question "How much does it cost to transport a car?" is to create a FREE job listing on This will connect you to our network of transport providers who can offer competitive quotes for you to compare. With the help of our car carrying partners offers instant quotes on most major routes around Australia, whilst also advertising your job to our network of owner operators who can offer competitive car transport quotes.

Below you will find a number of other questions and factors that are considered when getting a car transport quote, which we hope can help you compare and choose the best car transport quote for you.

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What to Consider when Researching Car Transport Cost:

Do you want Door to Door or Depot to Depot Car Transport?

Depending on where you are located and where yoru car needs to go, transport providers may be able to give you a Depot to Depot quote, which allows you to save money, but may require you to drop off and/or pickup your car from a freight depot. 


Do you Need to Move your Car with Goods Inside?

The good news is has transport providers who can move both empty cars and those which have personal belongings inside. Large scale car carriers do not usually offer quotes for cars that have goods inside. Some smaller owner operators are more flexible and will transport cars with personal belongings inside, however some common sense rules apply, such as not filling the car with things above the window line or restricting access to the drivers seat. Goods placed in the car are always at the owners risk.


Do you Need Your Car Transported Urgently?

Generally speaking, the more flexible you are the more likely you will receive a better quote. is a freight marketplace, which means transport providers are efectively bidding against each other for your work, while this is a fast efficient process, if you are after the best price, sometimes it pays to wait.

However for customers who need to move their car fast or last minute, also has a number of carriers who offer instant rates, allowing you to see the price and transit time straight away to help you get your car moved ASAP.


Do You Require Enclosed Car Transport?

For majority of moves, the use of an open car carrier or trailer is the most affordable and efficient method, howeve we understand that some customers require a little extra care for their pride and joy. This is why also connects you to transport providers who offer an enclosed transport service, allowing you to compare all the options around moving your car.