Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How does it work?

TRUCKIT is an online marketplace that connects shipping customers to transport providers.

Simply create a listing with some basic info:

•    Items to be shipped
•    Pick-up location
•    Destination
•    Pick Up and Delivery dates
Your job description then goes out to our network of Australian transport companies who will then provide online quotes to move your goods.

You can then choose the quote that is suitable to your needs, budget and timing etc.


Does this really work or am I wasting my time?

It does, with almost 4,000  friendly providers and an average of 7,000+ jobs booked through the site a year the numbers do the talking. You could waste your time trawling through Google results, or dust off that ancient phone book to try and find a transport company. Then you have the struggle of ringing around, chasing quotes, that can leave you stressed and confused.....

Or you could let TRUCKIT do the hard work for you and simply creating a listing to receive a number of competitive, no obligation quotes


Do I have to choose a quote?

No, all quotes you receive on TRUCKIT are obligation free, but with the competitive nature of quotes that TRUCKIT generates, there's usually at least one quote that's too good to pass on!

None of your contact details are ever released to any providers until you have booked your job. Then only your chosen provider will be able to contact you to sort out the details of your arrangement.


How many quotes will I get?

That really depends on your route and how well travelled it is. We have an enormous variety of transport providers and they are constantly looking for the jobs to suit their transport parameters.  Remember if you only get a few quotes, that could be because other Providers cannot beat the quote you already have!


What can I Move?

Anything - seriously. 

If there’s a way to ship it you’ll find it through   From packages to pigs, from boats to buildings … you can list commercial freight, vehicles, horses and livestock, parcels and packages, boats, shipping containers, household goods, fragile goods, priceless works of art ... whatever you've got? Once listed, the right type of transporters will be alerted about your freight request.


Can I trust the transport provider?  Will they be reliable? uses a feedback-rating system just like eBay, you can look at the positive, neutral or negative ratings given by customers of the transport providers who are quoting on your job. You should also look at the Profiles of the Provider to find out more about their business, like size and insurance levels.  You can also ask them more questions on the messaging system should you feel it necessary.  Transport Providers that are Registered Businesses or Companies have been verified to us through use of their ABN.


How do I register?

If you are a new User, simply create a listing and you shall be prompted to create your account at the end of the process, otherwise CLICK HERE to just create an account.


Will I receive annoying sales phone calls?

No, never. 

All quotes are sent to you via email so you can review them at your convenience. Only your chosen provider receives your contact details once you accept their quote, so there's no annoying phone calls from 3rd Parties or Competitors.

If you need help using the site, or creating a listing, please fill in the contact form here and we shall be in touch.


How do I pay?

After you've accepted a quote you will be required to pay a Deposit of between 4% - 9% of the total quote amount accepted, depending on the level of the quote.  This will secure your booking.

Then the remaining balance you pay directly to the transport provider based on the provider’s terms of payment.  You can view the provider's terms as part of their profile once they have submitted a quote.  This is generally upfront or on delivery, and the method can consist of Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal or other specified methods.  Payment of the Deposit is only requested after you have 'accepted' a quote and this is done on our secure payment page via Credit/Debit Card or Paypal.


How long does the process take?

Quotes have to be entered manually by transport providers. So, in order to receive all of the best quotes we recommend allowing 1-2 days for them to come in, but don’t be surprised if you get quite a few within hours of your posting.


What if I don't know the weight or dimensions of my shipment?

There are times when you simply don't know the dimensions and weights of your items. You may not have even seen the item let alone weighed/measured it.  Simply click on the button labelled "Unsure of dimensions or weight?" It will ask you to just enter a best guess. It doesn't matter if you're way off as transport providers generally have a very good idea, especially if you have also uploaded a photo.

What if the transporter needs extra information in order to provide an accurate quote?

No problems, the transporter has the ability to ask you questions online about your freight.


Transporting eBay items has developed eBay tools which allow you to import the details of eBay items you have won or are currently bidding on – making it easy to receive quotes online straightaway.

 To make life easier and simpler, follow these steps:

1) Go to:
2) Select "Is this an auction item or online listing?" as "eBay".
3) Copy and paste the eBay item number in question from the eBay item listing page.
4) Select 'Import from eBay' .


What about insurance?

Check the levels of coverage provided by transport providers by looking at their profile page before accepting a quote.  If you are uncertain, you should always send a message to the Provider to check.


Can I contact the transport provider by phone or email?

Contact information is not available until you've chosen your transport provider.  After your booking is confirmed, provides both you and the transporter with each other’s details.



I am having trouble uploading photos

If you are receiving an error message when trying to upload your photos onto, please try the following:
- Make sure the image is no more than 1MB
- Ensure your picture is in an image format (e.g. .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .png etc...).
- You can only upload a maximum of 5 pictures per listing
If despite trying the above you continue to experience problems, please contact customer support on 1300 859 850.



What happens once I've accepted a quote?

Once you have accepted a quote and paid your deposit, your details will be sent to the transporter. The transporter will then contact you to arrange pickup and delivery.  You will also be able to contact them if you wish.


How do I get more quotes?

Put as much information about your freight online as possible. This gives transporters a really good idea of what the shipment is and makes quoting a delivery easy. Uploading photos is also a great help. 


What If I need to change the details of my shipment that I've already listed?

That’s easy too. Simply login to your dashboard and click 'Edit' next to your listing. It’s best to make changes as soon as you can after listing because all quotes you've received up to that point in time will be automatically cancelled.  The only details you can add without cancelling any quotes are images.


How are we different?

We ensure you get accurate hassle-free quotes right from the get-go.   Not like other Quote websites that offer you quotes and then hand out your contact details and all you get back is more emails and phone calls.  No transport providers get your contact details until you have accepted their quote.  Also by having a reverse auction process, this creates a competitive environment where each Provider can see other Quotes already submitted and therefore creates a true market value.


What does 'Verified Provider' mean?

If the Providers Profile shows the Verified badge, then this means that Truckit has identified the account owner via one photo identity document and one address identity document. If you are a Customer or Provider and wish to learn more about becoming 'verified', then please click here.