The most obvious benefit of truck backloading is cost-effectiveness. Savings are typically up to 70% on transportation costs compared to hiring a truck and driver for transporting goods. 

Backloading is quite simply a win-win for everyone involved. It’s a way for removal companies to optimise the use of their trucks by making them more productive, more of the time. By organising a load for their trucks’ return trip or taking additional goods on an already chartered route, the driver can increase their profit in both directions. 

While it’s a win for the removal company, it’s also an excellent opportunity for you. If you arrange the transportation of your goods via a backload, you’re only liable for your portion of the trip – and that can result in some serious savings.

How does truck backloading work? 

Truck backloading is a broad term used to describe the relocation of multiple customers’ goods in one load. It means a removalist company will either find space for your items on an already scheduled journey or that they’ll transport your belongings on a truck that is returning to its original depot after dropping off a load. 

As this approach doesn’t require the hire of a privately hired truck and driver, each customer is only required to pay for the space that their belongings take up on the truck. Say your items account for 20% of the entire load in one direction; you will only pay 20% of the cost incurred in getting the truck to its destination. 

The ease and cost-effectiveness of this approach means that it is dramatically increasing in popularity. There are 100’s of transport providers that have multiple trucks running between major cities, regional areas and rural towns every week, which ensures there is nearly always a truck available to complete your delivery request. 

While backloading is popular for being a cheaper option than private transport, this doesn’t mean your products are treated with any less care. When you backload your goods, they will be transported by the same companies, the same drivers and in the same trucks as if you were to pay for a private charter on your own. The only difference is that your load will travel with other goods that are headed in the same direction.

What are the benefits of backloading via truck? 

Apart from saving your hard-earned dollars, load sharing via truck backloads is also your contribution towards protecting the environment. The same amount of fuel is burned by a removal truck whether it has a full load or not, so if your goods are moved on an already scheduled trip, you’re removing the need for two vehicles to undertake the same journey. 

Backloading may also improve the efficiency of your transportation and reduce the time you spend waiting for a complete removal truck and driver to become available. 

This approach to relocating via backloads is particularly beneficial for anyone looking to transport a small number of goods. The smaller your batch, the easier it is to find space on an already chartered truck. Having smaller items is also an opportunity for you to combine your loads with others that also have a small load, and then you can split the costs between you. 

How can help with truck backloading quotes? is a platform that connects customers looking to transport goods with truck drivers and transport providers that can carry out the job. We boast a comprehensive and detailed vetting process which ensures we only work alongside qualified and experienced drivers. These removal organisations run trucks interstate between major cities, regional towns and rural locations each week, meaning we can cater to requests from across the country. 

After establishing your load job request, starting and finishing location, budget and other relevant requirements, you will receive a number of truck backloading quotes from different organisations. It’s likely these quotes will differ in price. However, we encourage responsible budgeting to ensure compliance with our exemplary safety standards. We will then present these quotes to you, allowing you to choose the provider that best suits your needs. 

Once the truck backload quote is confirmed, we will manage communication between you and the driver to ensure your goods are picked up and delivered on-time and in the same condition as when they left. 

While we take every step to maintain the safety of your load, we do recommend that our customers take out Truck Backload Single Transit Insurance for the move. This extra layer of security will protect you in the unlikely event of something going wrong and will give you the peace of mind that your load is protected. We can also supply sturdy moving boxes, bubble wrap and other protective measures on request. 

Contact for your backloading needs is a trusted name in the backloading industry across Australia. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, incredible organisation skills and timely responses, which ensures you receive the best possible outcome. If you’re considering this moving option, our friendly team is available to answer any questions or to start the booking process. Simply get in touch with our staff through the Contact Us page of our website and we’ll get the ball rolling.