is a trusted name when it comes to helping Australian families and businesses moving interstate across Australia. Our network of backloading services around Australia aim to provide customers with a fair price, without compromising on the quality and integrity whilst moving your items. We put customers wanting to move goods, furniture and other belongings from QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, NT, ACT & WA, in touch with our freight providers that can do the job.

One of the biggest struggles of moving interstate is the transportation of your possessions. It’s hard enough to pack up an entire home, office or storage unit, let alone ensure everything gets to the other end in one piece. And just as everyone’s moving journey looks different, so too will every relocation. This is where interstate backloading comes in handy.

How do interstate backloads work? 

Think of a backload as your share in a full removal service. Hiring an entire removal truck means it would only have your goods on it. At, we capitalise on the return journeys or vacant space on currently charted trucks, which means you only need to pay for your share of the interstate delivery. If you fill 20% of the area, then you only pay 20% of its cost to get the truck to the final destination. 

The beauty of this approach is that we can cater to any size move, whether it’s one item or an entire house. We’ll stack the truck and ensure we maximise the available space, which keeps the interstate transportation costs down for individual customers. On our interstate return trips, we then rely on new customers looking to transport goods across borders in the opposite direction, rather than requiring the original customers to pay for the second leg of the interstate journey.

How long does interstate backloading take? 

Whether it’s a residential or commercial interstate relocation, moving interstate can be a timely, extremely costly and often delayed process. At, we pride ourselves on our incredibly fast turnarounds and timely responses from our network providers.

With a network of 100’s of transportation providers and 1000’s of regular routes across states it means we run frequent services to rural locations and major cities throughout the week. This ensures there is nearly always a truck available to transport your goods. Depending on your starting and finishing location, we aim to provide the quickest home delivery service in Australia.

How much notice is required for an interstate backload? 

Anywhere from 1 to 7 days is required logistically we have 100s of trucks moving across Australia at any minute of the day. If you are looking to relocate a large number of goods this will reduce the amount of available trucks to complete your interstate delivery. 

You may have to wait longer however the platform allows you to specify how urgent the timeframe of your interstate backload is. Providers will then give you quotes and availability based on your specified transportation requirements.

Things to remember about backloading: 

  • There are many factors that can change how quickly an interstate backload can be carried out. This could be things such as how many items are being moved, how big the goods are, pickup location and delivery location, any special conditions or extra transportation care, border permits and other travel requirements. 
  • Our team of interstate removalists are dedicated to showing the highest level of care in every load. We encourage safe loading regulations with our providers to ensure that all goods are secure and safe throughout the journey, as well as easily accessible at the delivery point. 
  • While we are confident in our practice, we also ask that you identify if your load contains any particularly fragile or flexible contents. If this is the case, our removalists can arrange additional protective measures and handling practice to ensure the safety of your goods.
  • It is important to note that accidents do happen and we can’t control the behavior of everyone on the road. 
  • recommends that you consider Interstate Single Transit Insurance when you are transporting items of value.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does an interstate backload cost? 

The cost of interstate backloading is on average from $550 to $17,000 on It is important to note that costs can vary depending on the distance, load size, route and the pick-up/delivery requirements. 

While the price can vary significantly, backloading is considerably cheaper than the average cost of transporting goods or relocating interstate. In some cases, this approach can lead to savings of up to 70%.. While there are no minimum budget requirements for interstate backloading, does encourage responsible and considered transport budgets. Having an adequate budget enables providers to abide by the required transport safety and road practices.

Why should I use for backloads? connects people around Australia looking to transport goods with transit providers that can carry out the work. 

Whether it’s a single item or an entire home, our platform will list your job for our providers and they will provide a range of different quotes for the interstate job. This ensures the customer has full transparency and flexibility in the decision-making process. Working in conjunction with 100s of trucks and drivers across the country also means we can find the most affordable option and cater to any last-minute requests. 

What items can I backload interstate? 

The nature of a backload means that we can cater to moves of any size or description. As we capitalize on the return journeys of trucks interstate or the available space on currently chartered trucks, we can work around your requirements. This flexibility means you can backload almost anything interstate that fits on a truck and is legally allowed by law. Please be aware that you cannot transport dangerous, hazardous materials or illegal goods using services.