Interstate and long-haul moves can be an exciting time for a new beginning. However, when it comes to moving that household of furniture it can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. Relocating furniture is best when it is left to someone else. That is where a furniture backload comes in. 

At, our primary goal is to ensure moving is a cost-effective and straightforward process for everyone. Our solution? Backloading your furniture. This approach is a fantastic way to relocate goods, possessions or new purchases from one place to another interstate or locally, without causing a headache or breaking the bank. 

Our job is to put customers looking to relocate goods interstate or locally in touch with transport providers that can provide furniture backloads, which means there is no extra research required by our customers with 100s of providers quoting in one place. 

One of our most commonly requested jobs is for the backloading of furniture. Whether it is a new purchase, a residential relocation interstate or locally, a shop fit-out or a work transfer, our team of logistical operators will help you get from A to B.

What is furniture backloading? 

This is the process of moving furniture interstate or locally utilising the extra space on the back of a truck on a return journey. Backloading is the cheapest and easiest way to move goods from one place to another as it removes the need to hire an entire truck

Instead, your items are loaded onto a vehicle that will pass your destination on its return leg. If you’ve only got a few pieces of furniture, it’s relatively easy to find a truck with available space. If you’ve got a large supply of items, you can split these across multiple trips or wait until a truck presents with enough vacancy to cater to your load. 

The beauty of this approach is that you only pay for the portion of space that you occupy on the vehicle. If your furniture takes up 20% of the truck, you’ll be liable for 20% of the cost incurred in getting to your destination. 

Truck drivers are also always keen to make the most of their journeys, which means you can often secure space on the return section of a round trip. The frequency of trips between major cities and regional or rural areas means there is nearly always a driver that can pick up and drop off your load.

What type of furniture can I backload? 

Furniture backloading is as flexible as it is handy. As when you create a listing on for your furniture transport requirements, the platform notifies all our platform providers with your job details. This ensures you will only get transport providers that have capacity to manage your exact load requirements. 

The customised nature of this approach means you can backload furniture of all different shapes and sizes. If you have a whole house of furniture to move, it may take slightly longer to find a truck with enough space. 

However, the frequency of trips undertaken by our drivers means we can find space for smaller loads of furniture or singular items on quite short notice. While the most common furniture requests are for residential or office relocations, we can also assist with the delivery of new furniture purchases. 

How does help with backloading your furniture? is a platform that connects customers wanting to relocate their furniture interstate or locally with drivers that can carry out the job. We have a network of hundreds of drivers across the country at any minute, which ensures that we can find a suitable operator to meet the needs of every customer. 

After creating your account listing for your furniture backload, you will have to provide details like: set budget, required timeframe, size, number of items, pictures of the items and other relevant requirements. will notify all the providers on the platform of your job, you will be provided with multiple furniture backload quotes from different operators that are available for the job. The customer is then provided with all the quotes, allowing them to choose the provider that best suits their needs. 

The customer can then liaise with the driver to discuss any special requirements or things the driver should be aware of, especially things like how to enter the property.  This way  you ensure your furniture is safely and securely picked up and delivered to your requirements. 

How much notice do you need to arrange a furniture backload interstate or locally? 

The best part about is that you only need 1 – 7 days in most cases. We have so many trucks on the road that our turnaround times are quite high for furniture backloads. Our providers will provide you with a range of furniture backload quotes that are within your given timeframe and the customer can choose the most suitable. Naturally if you are wanting to relocate furniture interstate using a backload, this is possible however,  it can take longer to find space for a full house, but this can easily be spread across multiple trucks.

We understand that some projects can arise at the last minute. The nature of this approach also means there is the potential of last-minute spaces opening up on other people’s trucks, which ensures we can provide an efficient and timely solution. This notice also takes into account any unavoidable delays or challenges. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where do you offer furniture backloads? has a network of interstate backloading removalists in major cities, regional towns and rural areas. Many of our operators run daily services between the country’s capital cities, as well as regular routes to less commonly visited locations.

The expansive nature of our network means we can cater to requests in just about every corner of Australia, as well as meet the requirements of moves on short notice. We encourage you to post your listing now and list it as “Urgently” for the timeframe field. 

Is furniture backloading safe? has a set criteria for approved truck drivers and operators. We encourage every operator to comply with the highest standard of safety regulations. The result of our thorough approach is that we have built a network of removalists that treat your furniture as if it were their own.

Comprehensive packing regulations ensure the items are loaded in a fashion that will ensure their safety for the entire journey, and any handling of the furniture must comply with strict regulations too. 

Do I need insurance for my furniture backload? 

While we pride ourselves on our stringent safety policies, recommends the use of Single Transit Insurance for Furniture Backloads. It must be noted though we can’t control the actions of every driver on the road so accidents do happen. This single journey policy will give you an added layer of protection in the unlikely event of something going wrong, and is a great way to give yourself extra peace of mind.