As of 11:59pm Sunday 5th April 2020 Western Australia has now closed its borders to everybody except exempted travellers.

Exempt traveller means a person who falls into one or more of the following categories and complies with any specified terms or conditions:

(g)Transport, freight and logistics: any person (other than an airline or maritime crew member) who in the course of the person’s duties is responsible for the provision of transport or freight and logistics services into or out of Western Australia for only as long as is reasonable required to perform those duties.

IMPORTANT: All exempted travellers (including transport, freight and logistics workers) must submit a ‘Request for Approval as an Exempt Traveller’ and carry the associated paperwork.

How to get a Border Pass

  1. Download, Print and Fill in the application found here
  2. Email the application and supporting documentation to
  3. You should carry a copy of this completed form with you
  4. You will receive an auto-reply email acknowledging receipt of your WA Entry Request, which you should also carry with you.
  5. You may be asked to produce these documents if asked by an authorised officer.