TruckIt.net Cracks 50,000,000 Kilometres

TruckIt.net Cracks 50,000,000 Kilometres

Posted by Truckit on 01/10/2019

Brisbane-based freight marketplace TruckIt.net has set its sights on passing more than 100,000,000 kilometres of freight jobs within the next two years, after this month pushing through the 50,000,000 kilometre milestone.

To achieve the goal the company hopes to book as many new listings on its platform over the next two years, as it has achieved since taking its first listing in 2012.

Established by Queensland-born, Scottish rugby international Robbie Russell, TruckIt.net is at the forefront of Australia’s rapidly-growing on-demand freight industry that is becoming an increasingly important part of the overall $100 billion a year freight industry.

The digital marketplace matches people wishing to freight large items (cars, furniture, pallets etc) with transport operators that includes sole operators with one vehicle up to large multi-vehicle businesses.

Customers simply list their item on TruckIt.net for free and receive competitive quotes from interested vehicle operators. The booking, transaction and delivery process is managed directly between the freight owner and the operator.

Since it was first established 2012, TruckIt has taken nearly 500,000 listings with deliveries covering more than 50,000,000 kilometres. At any one time there is about $1.5 million worth of freight projects posted on the site and available for truckers to quote on.

The idea for the business had its origins in Mr Russell’s return home from international rugby career and moving goods around the world and the country to set-up a new home in Brisbane.

“At the time there were a few freight marketplaces in the UK but it was very difficult to organise freight in Australia,” he said. “Getting a car moved from one city to another or some furniture across town shouldn’t require dozens of phone calls.”

TruckIt.net Founder Robbie Russell

The site now has more than 275,000 customers who have posted a listing on the site and more than 4,500 truckers ready to quote on individual jobs.

The freight industry is one of the fastest growing in Australia with the volume of freight carried expected to grow by over 35 per cent between 2018 and 2040, an increase of 270 billion tonnes (bringing the total volume to just over 1,000 billion tonne kilometres), according to Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE).

Mr Russell, who operates the business with a small team at his Toowong office, said the company was ready to compete hard to be the dominant player in the market.

“We think we were the first of our kind in the country and would like to think that gives us the experience to deliver a much better customer experience than the swag of newcomers who have joined the industry in recent times,” he said.

“We have recently overhauled the platform and are ramping up a significant marketing campaign to ensure we stay ahead of the pack.”

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