If the thought of moving your piano is stressing you out, then maybe a piano backload is worth considering. At Truckit.net, we have a network of experienced removalists and truck drivers that will ensure your piano arrives safely at its final destination. 

Relocating pianos or grand pianos is a delicate process that needs careful consideration and planning, and this is particularly important when moving high value items, such as your piano. These incredibly beautiful but weighty objects are often the most overwhelming part of a move!

As a piano backload service provider, there is no need to rent an entire truck for just your piano. The beauty of our approach is that we will connect you with an already chartered load so that you only need to pay for your portion.

How does a piano backload work? 

Piano backloading is a term used to describe the relocation of a piano on a truck that is returning empty to the town it originally came from, or in the space available on an already chartered journey. 

By moving your piano via a backload, you will only pay for the area that your piano takes up on your leg of the return trip. For example, if your piano accounts for 20% of the entire load on a one-way journey, you’ll only pay 20% of the cost incurred in getting the truck to that destination.

How is my piano protected on a backload? 

Backloading your piano on a truck does not mean that it will receive any less care and attention than it would with a regular removal service or privately hired truck. Most providers will have all the required moving blankets and pads available, so it is always best to chat with the freight providers who have quoted on your listing if your item requires any extra padding or protection.

At truckit.net, we have a number of experienced piano removalists that can pickup and deliver your piano to its intended destination with savings of up to 70% on transport costs.

The network of providers on Truckit.net will show your piano the same care and delicate handling that they would take with their own possessions. 

By only working with the most reputable transport and freight providers in the industry, we can give you the peace of mind that your piano will be handled, loaded and secured to the highest standard of safety. Truckit.net does have a vetting process to ensure a standard of quality for all providers on the distribution network.

Piano Backload Single Transit Insurance 

While we direct every effort towards protecting your piano, we do encourage our clients to take out Single Transit Insurance. Truckit.net recommends for 100% guaranteed peace of mind to get Single Transit Insurance for your piano backload. Something as precious as a Grand Piano can cost tens of thousands of dollars. You are load sharing and sometimes accidents do happen on the roads. This Single Transit Insurance is an extra layer of protection for any unlikely circumstances that may arise.

Grand Piano Moving 

If you are looking for grand piano moving experts that are able to relocate your piano locally and interstate on a backload? Then trust truckit.net to get you the best quotes around Australia to deliver your grand piano for the best rate possible.

Not many people are up for moving a piano by themselves due to the risks of damage associated with that. Grand pianos are very awkward in shape and big in size with usually extremely heavy weight so it usually requires providers with the right equipment to get the job done safely.

Truckit.net has a number of grand piano backload providers all across Australia. Submit your grand piano for relocation today to start receiving quotes.

Local Piano Movers

No matter how small the distance, truckit.net will have a number of backloads coming through the area and will be able to assist with your local piano move. The best way is to list your item on the platform and you will be able to judge by the number of quotes you get to the availability of the transport providers. You will be able to liaise back and forward with local piano removalists to get the job done to your requirements.

Interstate Piano Movers

When you need to move your piano long distances or interstate this can push up the transport costs quite significantly, especially if you had to hire a truck to do this yourself. The benefit of truckit.net is that you can save up to 70% on piano transport costs by moving your piano on a return backload.

All of our piano backload removalists will provide you with appropriate quotes for you to choose from. We have a number of highly reputable interstate piano movers on the truckit.net platform to ensure you get a range of fair market quotes to choose from.

Why Choose Truckit.net as your Piano Removalists in Australia?

Piano Backloading is a great option for anyone that has some flexibility in their arrival date. Our cost-efficiencies rely on finding trucks that are already passing through your area and capitalising on the additional space they may have available for your piano.

This allows customers to save up to 70% on piano transportation costs. We understand these are highly valuable items. We have a stringent vetting process in place to make sure we only enlist the services of reputable and reliable providers. 

Piano Removal Quotes

The platform is a quick and efficient way for customers to receive a number of piano removal quotes in a short amount of time. Truckit.net saves customers time and money as the platform has signed up hundreds of top freight providers all around Australia.

It connects delivery providers with those who are looking to have their piano goods relocated either locally or interstate around Australia. After establishing your piano transportation requirements, budget, location and any other relevant information, our piano removal partners will provide quotes.

These piano relocation quotes may likely vary in price. However, we always encourage carefully considered and reasonable budgets that allow for adequate safety processes to be upheld at every stage of the process. 

The customer will then be able to view their piano delivery quotes on the platform, allowing the individual to select the piano quote that best suits their requirements. Once the customer has identified a successful option, they are able to liaise back and forward with the driver to confirm the pick-up and delivery process. 

Now that you have a more in-depth understanding of how the process works, we encourage you to look at our interstate backloading page. This information will give you a greater appreciation of how interstate backloading works, and the potential options available for the relocation of your piano interstate

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does backloading a piano cost? 

The average piano backloading cost is from $79per hour to $149per hour on average across all states in Australia. The total cost of backloading a piano is dependent on your starting and finishing location, handling requirements, timeframe and its size.

It isn’t easy to provide a cost range that covers all cases, as every situation is different from the last. While there is great variety in costs, piano backloads typically achieve substantial cost savings when compared to a typical removal company. These savings can be up to 70% in some cases!

How much does it cost to backload my piano interstate? 

The average piano interstate backloading costs from $79per hour to $149per hour on average across all states in Australia. Just like every piano backloading project is different, so too is every interstate journey. 

How do I know my piano will be delivered to the right place? 

As numerous loads are often combined into a single backload, the Truckit.net providers will ensure your piano is clearly labelled and that you are provided with a detailed inventory of your belongings on-board the truck.

These precautionary steps are designed to ensure that your belongings are not mixed up with anyone else’s items on the same vehicle and that the correct delivery is made to your designated address. As Truckit.net is always striving to improve and develop its service, we are currently working on advanced tracking methods that will be implemented in the coming months, all news of this will be released via our blog.

Does backloading mean the truck driver is missing out on extra pay? 

It’s a common misperception that backloading is undermining the transport industry, and that drivers are being undercut for work. Despite this belief, backloading is an approach that provides numerous benefits to both the driver and the customer.