is a vibrant marketplace, connecting freight owners with transport providers.

Set up a professional profile

Your Truckit profile will be the first place customers look when deciding which transport provider is best suited to handle their delivery. The best profiles will include a concise but clear statement outlining your history

Smile for the camera

It’s amazing what difference a profile picture can make to

Communication is key

It seems an obvious point, but it can not be stressed enough. The nature of an online marketplace and the need for trust means communication is the and a lack of communication can be a barrier to success.

Most customers will understand a delay or two, but simply want to be told so beforehand, otherwise they can feel left out of the loop and worried about their goods.

Focus on the jobs that are right for you provides extensive search filters on the Search for Jobs page which allow transport providers to narrow down available loads by area, state or along an existing route. You can then filter by freight category to make sure you are only viewing the jobs most relevant to you. This saves time and ultimately money in scrolling through irrelevant loads.

Build a base of positive feedback

Every completed job gives you the opportunity to receive feedback from the customer. This feedback will be displayed on your Truckit profile to help future customers see the good work that you do. This is why it is essential to treat every job with the same level of professionalism as the last.