is Australia’s largest freight marketplace and as a marketplace, customers ultimately face a lot of choice when it comes to selecting a transport provider for their job.

Imagine you’re a customer. You have received multiple quotes for your job, all are competitive on price and can deliver in a reasonable time frame. So how do you choose?

More times than not, the first place a customer will look is your Truckit profile. A good profile should read like the blurb of a book, informative yet concise and leaving customers wanting to finish the book (or job in this case).

You can edit your profile by logging in to and going to

Scroll down to find the ‘About Us’ section.

What to include?

About you

A brief intro on who you and or/your company are, how long have you been around? What areas do you service? And do you specialise in any categories of freight?

Care of goods

Customers are trusting you to take care of their precious cargo, it is therefore important to explain the measures you will take to protect customers goods when moving them. Do you have blankets to wrap furniture? How do you strap motorcycles or vehicles down? Providing answers to some of the most common questions customers will ask can be a big plus for your profile.

Tools of the trade

As with care of goods, the type of vehicle you use is often a deciding factor for customers. You can tell customers all about your vehicle(s) in your ‘About Us’ as well as uploading images.

It pays to be honest. If the customer thinks their furniture is being moved in a pantech truck, but you turn up with a box trailer, it won’t leave a great impression and can lead to bad feedback on your Truckit profile.

Industry Accreditations and Insurance

Are you a member of AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) or similar? Let your customers know! But be prepared to back it up with the necessary documentation when they ask. The same goes for insurance, let your customers know if their goods will be covered and what type of policy you hold.


A picture says a thousand words. They can also increase your chance of securing a job by over 50%

Truckit recommends uploading at least one, but preferably more profile pictures. These could show your vehicles, yourself, or some of the interesting loads you have transported.

Some other tips


Part of building trust with your customers is communicating clearly and in a timely manner. It starts with responding to customers questions about your quotes and extends through to being open and honest about collection and delivery dates once your quote has been accepted. Most customers are understanding of the challenges of the freight industry, they just want to be kept updated on the status of their delivery

Mark your jobs as delivered

The only way you can receive feedback and a completed job statistic on your profile is by marking booked job as ‘Delivered’ in your My Jobs section.

Click on any ‘Booked’ jobs to see these options

Truckit can help you

If you need any assistance or suggestions when creating your profile, feel free to contact the Truckit team at as we are more than happy to help.