One of the most common answers Truckit gets asked by customers is “How much does it cost to transport a car?” The simple answer is, it depends… But thanks to our handy guide below you will be able to take a lot of the guess work out of comparing quotes and make an informed decision on which transport option is best for you.

What kind of vehicle are you moving?

Smaller cars like sedans or hatchbacks will obviously be less expensive to transport than larger vehicles like 4WDs or SUVs. This is important to consider when comparing quotes from different car transport companies.

Do you want a Depot to Depot or Door to Door service?

Choosing a ‘Depot to Depot service, where you must drop off and collect your car from the transport company’s depot facilities can save you money, however it may not be available in every location or with every transport provider. Some providers may offer a Door to Door car transport service for a cost that is similar or better than Depot to Depot.

Is your car empty or are there personal belongings inside?

Major car carrying companies will often not accept cars that have any personal belongings inside. Smaller car carriers may provide quotes for cars with goods inside, however most of the time the goods are transported at your own risk and not covered by insurance*.

Is your car drivable?

Drivable cars are much simpler for car carriers to transport as they can be driven onto the truck. However this does not mean non-drivable cars will not receive any quotes as has an extensive network of transport providers who can cater to almost all car transport needs.

Will my car be covered by insurance?

99% of car transport movements will go off without a hitch, but as with anything in life, it is good to know if you will be covered in the rare case that something goes wrong.

*This is general advice only, please check with your Transport Provider prior to accepting a quote to find out their policy around transporting goods in car.