The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in requests for freight on Truckit over the last 12 months. A record number of individuals and businesses are turning to online freight marketplaces such as to find reliable transport operators.

The increased demand for freight means customers and transport operators need to be connected with each other faster than ever before. The Truckit team has identified these trends and released a new feature called ‘Job Alerts’ in response.

For transport providers registered with Truckit, Job Alerts will appear as a new interface on the marketplace, found in the menu in the top right hand corner of the platform. However, the real magic of Job Alerts is going on behind the scenes, using our smart freight matching algorithm.

Our freight matching algorithm analyses details of every freight request on the marketplace as well as the characteristics of each transport provider. Instant recommendations are then made as to which providers are best suited to carry out each job.

The Job Alerts interface will display a real time list of recommended jobs to every provider. The interface is designed in a way that is personalised, concise and digestible. No two providers will ever have the same list of Job Alerts. Truckit providers can also see when users are online, encouraging responsive communication and prompt acceptance of quotes.

The power of Job Alerts and the freight matching system relies on transport providers keeping their Truckit profile up to date. Critical information that providers should update in their profile includes their ‘Categories Serviced’, Address, Vehicle Types as well as creating Saved Searches for preferred routes. By keeping these as accurate as possible, transport providers can ensure they get more relevant Job Alerts. The freight matching algorithm then factors in providers’ engagement and performance on the marketplace to come up with an overall ranking to decide who to target with what jobs.

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