When you are looking to move your car, it is important to understand what goes into determining the cost. Truckit.net receives thousands of enquiries a month for car transport quotes so we have developed a handy guide on things you should consider.

Difference between Depot to Depot and Door to Door transport

A Depot to Depot service requires you to drop off and pick up your car from the transporters depot. Transporters usually have depots in major cities and towns. Depot to Depot is often the cheapest option but requires a little bit of work on your behalf.

A Door to Door service is where the transporter will pickup your car from your house or business and deliver directly to another house or business. This can sometimes be more expensive then Depot to Depot and take a little bit longer.

Do you need open or enclosed transport?

There are different vehicle and trailer types that transporters use to move your car. Enclosed transport will keep your car safe and clean from road grime but tends to cost a bit more. Open transport varies from small car trailers to large car carriers and is often cheaper than enclosed.

Is your car drivable or a non-runner?

If your car is a non-runner or does not drive it will usually require a special truck or trailer. This can sometimes cost more than a standard car carrier. Luckily Truckit.net has a network of transporters who can provide services for runners and non-runners.

Would you consider a driven service?

A driven service is where a driver will turn up and drive your car from point A to B. A driven service can often be quicker than a trucked service but you should consider things like the cost and maintenance requirements of your car.

How to save money on your car transport

Book in advance. Being flexible and giving yourself plenty of time will allow you to get the best quotes from transporters.

Use Truckit.net to compare a number of quotes. Truckit.net provides instant quotes for eligible cars on most major routes, as well as giving you access to our network of 5,000+ transport companies who can help move your car.