Transport Provider Insurance


Australian Reliance’s Logistics team and TruckIt have formed a partnership to bring an exclusive transport insurance solution to the TruckIt members.

This insurance proposition includes competitive rates, additional wording benefits, an unparalleled claims service and the expertise of a dedicated specialist transport broker.

Having a resource like this at your fingertips gives TruckIt members the comfort that they are dealing with an adviser who not only knows the industry and it’s requirements inside and out, but can also navigate the traps of motor insurance products to your benefit.

One of the most important aspects of our solution for TruckIt members – cost savings.

In the current economic environment all business are looking to contain or reduce costs wherever possible. Margins in the transport industry are tight at the best of times and one of our major focus points is containing the cost of insurance year on year, and reducing it where possible.

In the past 2 years 99% of Australian Reliance customers have experienced costs savings as a result of our involvement, along with improved coverage. Our innovative insurance broking model proves it can be done better and more efficiently meaning you do not have to pay more for the advice and service you deserve.

We are excited at the prospect of working hard to being more value than ever before to TruckIt’s member base.

To find out more contact Steve on 0417 189 308, or request a call back by filling in the below on the left and we will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you in more detail.