Legal and Insurance Issues for Providers

Before you register as a provider, it is important to consider all the legal and regulatory issues including - insurance, safety, OH&S, vehicle standards and licensing and accreditations.


All providers are legally responsible for the safety and roadworthiness of all vehicles used for jobs.


If you intend using your truck or vehicle to undertake jobs on, we encourage you to review your insurance policies to check what you are covered for. For instance, the loads you carry may not be covered under regular fleet or transport carrier insurance.


To help our providers, has partnered with Australian Reliance Insurance Brokers to deliver a  comprehansive motor insurance policy with the best rates in the Transport and Logistics industry. This policy has been specifically tailored for providers.


If you would like to get a quote or would just like to  find out a little more about how it works, then contact Australian Reliance Insurance Brokers on 08 9382 7888 -  and don't forget to mention you are a provider.


Heavy Vehicle Regulation


If you operate vehicles over 4.5 tonnes, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you, your company, drivers and other operators are familiar with and comply with the new National Heavy Vehicle Laws that came into effect on the 10th of February 2014.  


A full copy of the new laws can be found here.


But don’t forget that heavy vehicle registration, inspections, driver licensing and all matters related to the carriage of dangerous goods are still the responsibility of the relevant state and territory authorities.


By accepting our Terms and Conditions, you certify that you will comply with all local laws and regulations.