Interstate Removalist Quotes

4 Important Points To Consider When Searching For An Interstate Removalist Quote

Here at TruckIt we provide a great platform where people who are searching for interstate removalist quotes can connect directly with those providing the service. This saves you a great deal of time and indeed the hassle of trawling through endless online results. Whether you're moving home or moving workplace getting an interstate removalist quote couldn't be easier. However as you may see quotes can vary considerably from company to company. Many people make their decision based on price, but you may just want to consider some other important pointers, namely:

AFRA accredited

For total peace-of-mind you may want to ask companies whether they are accredited by the Australian Furniture Removal Association (AFRA). Being a member of this association means that all removalist staff have had to undergo intense training from how to deal with clients, through to proper handling and securing of goods. In addition vehicles are regularly inspected as are storage facilities meaning that only AFRA accredited companies are allowed to offer fully comprehensive storage and transit insurance.

Interstate experience

Surprisingly it's very easy for a person to succeed in getting a truck licence and then set up business as an interstate removalist. While there's nothing wrong in this, they may lack the experience of moving people and their belongings from state to state. Sometimes to compensate for this they may offer a quote that falls way below that of a more experienced interstate removalist, and they'll do this in order to attract customers. To assist our customers further in making a decision on which removalist to choose, and in order for them to get an accurate idea of the removalist's experience and level of customer service, all of our providers are given feedback and a rating for each job that they complete, thus giving customers total piece of mind.

Provide as much information as possible

Make sure you provide as much information as possible when describing what you want moving and where you want it moved to, so as to ensure that companies who quote provide the right service for your needs. Misunderstandings can cost you time and money and make your move a stressful one.

Consider your load

In addition it's a good idea to consider what items you are going to bring with you to your new location. Items that you don't need could be donated or sold. Since most removalists base their quote on volume, you could save money this way plus you get to have some extra money from any sales.

There are so many factors to think about when moving interstate, so planning ahead is vital if you want to keep your move as stress free as possible. Now you have the information you need to choose the right interstate removalist for your needs, and not one that's based purely on price alone, you'll be able to tick one more thing off your list of things to do.