Heavy Machinery and Equipment Transportation

Oversized and heavy equipment delivery is never an easy planning process. When you need machinery that weighs tonnes or large containers (filled and unfilled) moved from one place to another, everything needs to be carefully organised for an efficient and safe delivery.

With TruckIt.net you can have a range of transport providers ready to offer options best suited to the exact cargo you want moved. A company that has the facilities to handle oversized and heavy equipment delivery might not be enough; it may come down to the way they operate as well. With nationwide solutions for moving heavy equipment, all you need to do is get with TruckIt.net and access Australia’s largest database of transport operators.

You’ll be amazed at the ease of our online facilities and the immediate results in knowing more about nationwide transport companies.

5.5 tonne excavator from O'CONNOR, WA 6163 to RASMUSSEN, QLD 4815

"ChrisSTS made the move easy and with no stress, highly recommend the provider and Truckit service!"