Haulage - Full Truckload (FTL) or Less than Truckload (LTL)

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Getting quotes for your Full or Part Truckload jobs can cost you or your business time and money. Save yourself the stress by listing your Haulage for FREE on Truckit.

Whatever your haulage requirements, be it a shopfront or warehouse relocation, event or project related logistics, if you've got a big load, Truckit has the Transport Providers to handle your job. 

The following questions are ones you should ask yourself and include the info when creating a Listing. But don't worry if you don't know everything, Truckit's built in messaging system allows you to discuss with Transport Proivder and clarify details about your job prior to accepting any quotes.

  • Will your Haulage load require a Full or Part Truckload?
  • Do you already the know the size/type of Truck that you need or would prefer?
  • Will your Load need to be returned or moved on after a certain time period? e.g. for event related logistics
  • What loading facilities are available at each end? Or will the provider need to source and supply loading?
  • Will the freight be transported in smaller units such as pallets or road cases or will it be bulk?

Dust collector and ductwork from BRENDALE, QLD 4500 to MACKAY, QLD 4740

"Recommend this company 100%, nect001 went way beyond what was expected. Even helped out with delivering an additional forklift. Job was done straight away and I thoroughly recommend them."