Furniture and Household

Furniture and Household Freight Items

Browsing, buying or selling online? Whether it's a new TV, Lounge, Fridge or Artwork, lets face it, you've already put aside a spot for it in your house, so you just want it shipped and on its way already! Let Truckit assist you with the process of transporting your household items and furniture, fast and affordably. 
Simply list your items on Truckit and our network of transport providers will be notified so they can provide you with competitve quotes and excellent service.
Whether you need to move a large fridge-freezer or an oddly shaped lounge, Truckit can help you get a number of competitive quotes and make an informed decision on a transport provider by reading past customer ratings and reviews.

The best thing? You wont pay a cent until you've found a suitable provider and all quotes are obligation free.

*Need to move more than a few things? Check out our page on Moving House and Office.

*Or maybe your items on a pallet or in a box? Try Pallets and Packages instead


"I had doubts whether a plasma TV can be sent safely from eastern states to Perth but I took a shot and Oldfella proved to be very reliable and delivered the TV in perfect condition. Thanks."