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Collection: JANDAKOT, WA, 6164
Date Flexible
Delivery: DUTTON PARK, QLD, 4102
Date Flexible
Estimated Distance: 4323 Km
Estimated Time: 45 Hrs

Customer: dc709430
Date Listed: 13/10/2018 05:08
Quotes: 0
Loading Location: Auction Site (assumes loading available)
Listing ID: 385826
Expires: 12/11/2018 06:00
Lowest Quote: -
Unloading Location: Residential

Customer Is: Receiving this Item/s
Item Details
Make and Model: Landrover 110 6x6 crew cab
Is It Drivable: Yes
Is it Registered and Insured: Yes
Will the Vehicle be Empty?: Yes
How would you like it Moved?: Transported
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