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Boats - Power Boat

Collection: PALMWOODS, QLD, 4555
Date Flexible
Delivery: HORSHAM, VIC, 3400
Date Flexible
Estimated Distance: We could not calculate distance

Customer: gcbea659535
Date Listed: 12/10/2018 08:47
Quotes: 2
Loading Location: Commercial with loading facilities
Listing ID: 385611
Expires: 26/10/2018 09:00
Lowest Quote: -
Unloading Location: Commercial with unloading facilities

Customer Is: Receiving this Item/s
Item Details
Make and Model: Quintrex hornet
Is this on a registered trailer?: Yes
How should this be Transported?: Trucked
Length/Depth: 435 cm
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Rebecca 100% 0   accepted $1 450 Incl. GST
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27/10/2018 08:59
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Offering a towed service, door to door, driven directly. Towed behind a new model mitsubishi pajero.
Driver holds MC license with over 20 years road train, interstate experience.
Driver will thoroughly check trailer including brakes, bearings, springs and lights on pick up and through out the trip.
Thank you for your time.

Questions about this quote:

gcbea659535 14/10 at 04:33 PM
Hi Bec, I'm just wondering if it would be cheaper to transport this boat from a depot in Maroochydore and have it freighted on the back of a truck to a depot in Horsham?
Regards, Glenn  
Rebecca 14/10 at 04:38 PM
Hey Glenn
Unfortunately all we do is tow. On the back of a truck might be cheaper but I'm not sure. We can pick up on Thursday or Friday and driven directly.
gcbea659535 16/10 at 09:59 AM
Hi Rebecca, I’d like to accept your quote, i would just like to know if it would be possible to put a small case inside of the vehicle ? Thanks  
Rebecca 16/10 at 10:38 AM
You certainly can  
gcbea659535 16/10 at 10:43 AM
Fantastic, could I please get a bit of a idea when you would be able to pick it up ? Anytime is going to suit the owner  
Rebecca 16/10 at 10:51 AM
Rebecca 16/10 at 10:54 AM
Hey would be able to pick up Thursday as I am coming through there to go home for a few days and drop off Monday. Or pick up Saturday and drop off Monday. But can discuss more with you about what works.
gcbea659535 16/10 at 11:31 AM
The pickup thurs and drop off sat would certainly be ideal. So should I accept your quote now and pay deposit then give you the addresses ?  
Rebecca 16/10 at 11:57 AM
Would drop off on Monday work???  
gcbea659535 16/10 at 12:00 PM
Yes it sure will  
Rebecca 16/10 at 12:01 PM
Then all you need to do is accept the quote and I will give you a call.  
wetruck 97% 0   declined $1 480 Incl. GST
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Within 1 week of Booking
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Within 1 week of Pickup
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Road Transport
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26/10/2018 23:59
Quote Specific Terms
Hi we are a door to door towing service if you accept our quote half payment on booking remainder on delivery thanks  

Questions about this quote:

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wetruck wrote on 12/10 at 09:55 AM
Hi can this boat be towed thanks
gcbea659535 wrote on 12/10 at 10:35 AM
Yes it can be towed
gcbea659535 wrote on 12/10 at 10:35 AM
Yes it can be towed
Rebecca wrote on 12/10 at 07:47 PM
What is the weight??
gcbea659535 wrote on 14/10 at 08:39 AM
The weight is approx 450kg
National wrote on 15/10 at 01:02 PM
Hey Glen,m when is it ready to go and can we tow it/
gcbea659535 wrote on 15/10 at 01:46 PM
Yes it is able to be towed, the owner is taking it out for one last run before he will commit to selling. I apologise for the delay