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Furniture & Household - Suitcases and Bags

Collection: LEINSTER, WA, 6437
Date Flexible
Delivery: EASTLAKES, NSW, 2018
Date Flexible
Estimated Distance: 3761 Km
Estimated Time: 39 Hrs

Customer: bryan302997
Date Listed: 08/10/2018 18:55
Quotes: 0
Loading Location: Residential
Listing ID: 384480
Expires: 15/10/2018 19:00
Lowest Quote: -
Unloading Location: Residential

Customer Is: Both Sender and Receiver
Item Details
What needs moving?: 3x standard sz suit cases
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NA**FM wrote on 09/10 at 09:11 AM
Can you provide dimensions ( L x W x H in cm's and Weight in Kgs) of the items so that we can provide you with an accurate quote?