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Pallets and Packages - Pallets

Collection: ACACIA RIDGE, QLD, 4110
Date 14/09/2018
Delivery: CHARLESTOWN, NSW, 2290
Date Flexible
Estimated Distance: 769 Km
Estimated Time: 8 Hrs

Customer: mli55808489
Date Listed: 13/09/2018 15:41
Quotes: 1
Loading Location: Commercial with loading facilities
Listing ID: 378098
Expires: 13/10/2018 17:00
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Customer Is: Sending this Item/s
Item Details
What needs moving?: Archive boxes with documents
Number of Pallets: 9
Pallet Size: Standard (1165 x 1165mm)
Weight/Dimensions are rough estimates.
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eatek 100% 0   expired $1 300 Incl. GST
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14/09/2018 23:59
Quote Specific Terms
I have a truck going back to Sydney Saturday morning and can drop sat evening.
This would normally be over $3,000

I have a truck with tailgate and trolleys to do the job. 20 years experience.
Price includes same day delivery inc cargo & liability insurance.  

Questions about this quote:

eatek 13/09 at 07:07 PM
The truck is 8 plts plus 60cm extra room, I would need to break down 1 plt.  
TTBris wrote on 14/09 at 12:34 AM
Hello can we double stack pallets at all? Forklift on and off? I'll be heading down this Sunday delivery Monday to Sydney I can take a few pallets down for you if needed. Probably not all. But can offer a competitive quote.
NA**FM wrote on 14/09 at 10:12 AM
Can you also provide Height and Weight of pallets?
MARIE57 wrote on 14/09 at 07:47 PM
What would the weight of each Pallet be please
MARIE57 wrote on 16/09 at 09:45 PM
Yes we have a Truck available but need to know average Weight per Pallet or Total Weight aproximate please
MARIE57 wrote on 16/09 at 09:46 PM
Yes we have a Truck available but need to know average Weight per Pallet or Total Weight aproximate please
MARIE57 wrote on 24/09 at 10:00 PM
Weight please
MARIE57 wrote on 25/09 at 03:34 PM
We are able to provide a very good price as we have a Truck leaving for Sydney from Ipswich and space available but we need to know Weight of each Pallet or a rough estimate of total weight please

MARIE57 wrote on 13/10 at 04:58 AM
are you still wanting these Pallets moved
We have room on Truck leaving on Wendseday if you are still in need of Transporting them

Please advise Weight approx. of Pallets
We can work out a good price