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Collection: COURIDJAH, NSW, 2571
Date Flexible
Delivery: PELICAN POINT, WA, 6230
Date Flexible
Estimated Distance: 3970 Km
Estimated Time: 41 Hrs

Customer: keato646661
Date Listed: 12/09/2018 18:11
Quotes: 1
Loading Location: Residential
Listing ID: 377810
Expires: 26/09/2018 19:00
Lowest Quote: -
Unloading Location: Residential

Maximum Quote Amount: $3500
Insurable Value: $$60,000
Customer Is: Receiving this Item/s
Item Details
What needs moving?: Caravan
Is It Drivable: No
Is it Registered and Insured: Yes
Will the Vehicle be Empty?: Yes
Are you happy for it to be Driven?: Yes
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18/09/2018 23:59
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a door to door insured profesional service will cost this much inclusive ot truckit fees. We will need to know asap before we get booked on another delivery for us to pick up this week and next week delivery. Payment 50% booking and 50%COD is ok. Please read reviews as we aim to get your 5 stars and positive feedback upon delivery. Kind regards, Alex  

Questions about this quote:

keato646661 17/09 at 03:32 PM
Alex if we did a depo to depo would that save much? I was really hoping to try get it for around $2,000?  
altoro1 17/09 at 04:20 PM
Keaton, you will find the size of your caravan is to big for a trucking company to tow it for less irrespective if its going from depot to depot. I have done many deliveries and the times it takes to drive across safely and slowly plus related costs and my offer is realistic, reasonable and what you may expect to pay for such a delivery as per my experience.. Keep in mind its 5 days continuous driving plus premium fuel costs in remote locations, tolls, insurance and wear on vehicle. regretably Its unrealstic for me or anyone to do it for much less. I trust you will understand what its like towing a caravan for such a distance. Its more expensive on a truck. Regards, Alex  
keato646661 17/09 at 11:36 PM
Yeah fair call. I appreciate your honesty. I guess we are both working with tight budgets and margins. I would love to give you the business but I just need to find a cheaper alternative as I can’t spend those dollars. If I can’t find cheaper I’ve had a few people around this price send offers through and I’ll come back to you. Likewise if atthr last minute you have room and want to throw another van on to make an extra quid just let me know. Cheers Alex  
altoro1 wrote on 17/09 at 08:22 AM
Keaton, i am fully insured so your caravan will be towed professionally and insured door to door. If the van is old its best on a truck but if its less than 10 years old its best to have it towed profesionally. I have towed many trailers across Australia with no incidents and have over 15 years no claim bonus. best regards, Alex
keato646661 wrote on 17/09 at 09:11 AM
Hi Alex, I would prefer it to be on a truck or shipped but what price could you do it if it was towed?
Give me a call if you want to chat
altoro1 wrote on 17/09 at 09:21 AM
Hi Keaton, we can not exchange phone numbers yet until you accept the best offer. I have towed many trailers across Australia see my reviews or profile. To have a trailer trucked will cost near $6K where a towing costs less than 4K door to door fully insured professionally towed. For me to quote I just need to know the dimensions and estimated weight?
keato646661 wrote on 17/09 at 10:21 AM
8.5m length
2.6 height
2.3 wide
keato646661 wrote on 17/09 at 02:52 PM
8.5 long
2.9 height
2.6 wide
altoro1 wrote on 19/09 at 02:11 PM
Do you still need this delivery? I think my low offer will be hard to beat. Please let me know if still interested. regards, Alex