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Pallets and Packages - Pallets

Collection: BEAUTY POINT, TAS, 7270
Date Flexible
Delivery: MELTON SOUTH, VIC, 3338
Date Flexible
Estimated Distance: 547 Km
Estimated Time: 14 Hrs

Customer: mray1940088
Date Listed: 12/08/2018 18:25
Quotes: 1
Loading Location: Residential
Listing ID: 369230
Expires: 26/08/2018 19:00
Lowest Quote: -
Unloading Location: Residential

Insurable Value: $2000
Customer Is: Sending this Item/s
Item Details
What needs moving?: Pallet of boxes
Number of Pallets: 1
Weight per Unit: 400 kg
Is Tailgate Required: Yes
Please tick if you would like to add more details: Yes
More Details: Looking to ship a pallet ( we do not yet have one for dimensions) with approx 10 boxes of approx 30-40kgs per box. Looking to buy/hire the pallet also.
Weight/Dimensions are rough estimates.
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scy2812 99% 0   expired $270 Incl. GST
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Within 1 week of Pickup
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Road Transport
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27/08/2018 18:59
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Based on 400kg pending size and height of pallet  

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brothertrucker wrote on 12/08 at 08:28 PM
I'll be in beauty point early October is that too late? I can provide pallet and transportation
mray1940088 wrote on 12/08 at 09:42 PM
Yeah, sorry, might be a bit too late for us. Thank you thoigh.
scy2812 wrote on 12/08 at 09:01 PM
Pallet can be freely found in industrial areas if need to i can send one through at nominal cost.
mray1940088 wrote on 12/08 at 09:53 PM
What size pallet would be suitable for your vehicle? And how much would you charge for one?
scy2812 wrote on 12/08 at 09:56 PM
Any pallet size can fit. Depend on what size you want and what i can get.
mray1940088 wrote on 12/08 at 10:45 PM
Just waiting on exact box dimensions then I will get back to you about pallet size. Hoping to do this in the next couple of weeks, is that ok
NA**FM wrote on 13/08 at 03:33 PM
Once you have the sizes and weight let us know and we will quote you.