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Pallets and Packages - Pallets

Collection: CAMDEN, NSW, 2570
Date Flexible
Delivery: OFFICER, VIC, 3809
Date Flexible
Estimated Distance: We could not calculate distance

Customer: coven918590
Date Listed: 09/08/2018 06:42
Quotes: 1
Loading Location: Commercial with loading facilities
Listing ID: 368426
Expires: 23/08/2018 07:00
Lowest Quote: $387
Unloading Location: Commercial with unloading facilities

Customer Is: Both Sender and Receiver
Item Details
What needs moving?: Pallets
Number of Pallets: 10
Pallet Size: Standard (1165 x 1165mm)
Weight/Dimensions are rough estimates.
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keno1997 73% 0 Days Hrs active $387 Incl. GST
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24/08/2018 06:59

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keno1997 wrote on 09/08 at 08:44 AM
Hello can i get the hight and can i double stake also requre the total kgs thank you
coven918590 wrote on 09/08 at 08:54 AM
coven918590 wrote on 09/08 at 08:56 AM
They are plain pallets. If will be 4 full spaces of the pallets stacked on top of one another.
keno1997 wrote on 09/08 at 09:59 AM
Ok easy done ill bid