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Collection: CAIRNS, QLD, 4870
Delivery: BUNDABERG, QLD, 4670
Estimated Distance: 1370 Km
Estimated Time: 17 Hrs

Customer: ianse302211
Date Listed: 08/08/2018 10:03
Quotes: 1
Loading Location: Residential
Listing ID: 368134
Expires: 15/08/2018 11:00
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Unloading Location: Residential

Customer Is: Sending this Item/s
Item Details
Make and Model: Nissan 200sx
Is It Drivable: Yes
Is it Registered and Insured: No
Will the Vehicle be Empty?: No
How would you like it Moved?: Transported
Please tick if you would like to add more details: Yes
More Details: Some car parts inside.
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Established in 2003 we are one of the largest privately owned car transporters in Australia. We service Qld, SA and NT with links to other states if required.
Our specialty is CAR TRANSPORT. We do not flat load cars on top of general loads and our drivers are fully trained in this sector of the industry.
We offer door to door service or we have depots in all major cities we service to help reduce transport costs.
All vehicles are surveyed and insured under our comprehensive vehicle transport policy.  

Questions about this quote:

MELAX 08/08 at 10:47 AM
We will have a truck in Cairns on Friday heading south. We can have this picked up prior to that to have it at our depot. The driver bringing it down lives in Bundy so he may be able to deliver it direct failing that we can get it delivered via tilt tray early next week.  
ianse302211 08/08 at 11:29 AM
hi sounds good but do you have a truck going down next week. thanks ian  
MELAX 08/08 at 11:41 AM
We will, but which day I cant guarantee at this stage. We run a minimum of 1 truck a week out of Cairns. And the truck next week will only drop it at our depot for delivery via tilt tray.  
ianse302211 10/08 at 12:15 PM
hi can you let me know what day next week or early the week after and where your depot is in cairns. thanks ian  
MELAX 10/08 at 02:09 PM
We will have a truck in Cairns Tuesday next week. And we envisage having one there Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Our depot is located near the Army Barracks in Edmonton.